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A-Kon Helps Fan Scholars

Through our new Fandom & Neomedia Studies (FANS) Association initiative, A-Kon is seeking to support, assist, and promote fandom and media studies.  We are encouraging investigations and studies into these and related phenomena in the widest possible scope.  Though we are starting small, with a peer-reviewed online journal and hosting a conference, our...

Review of Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312

Robinson, already famous for his Mars and Environment Trilogies, tackles the questions of returning to a degraded environment on Earth after the human species has been living in space habitats and colonies around the solar system for several centuries.

Review, “Pilot” episode of Elementary

Sherlock Holmes reenters the American canon of detective fiction in the new series Elementary.

Review of “PSY – 6 Rules,” aka “Gangam Style”

Review of “PSY – 6 Rules,” aka “Gangam Style”


Let’s be real here – I just want to talk about “Gangnam Style,” even if the review is a month or two late to the party. And soon!! You will get some delicious Gangnam goodness if you keep reading, because I wanted to take a unique angle to reviewing it.

Kimono: Modern Art for Modern Life

The following item was originally published on 7 September 2012 on Helen McCarthy: A Face Made for Radio and is republished here with the kind permission of the author. Yuko Omori doesn’t want kimono to die out. The fashion stylist and TV costume designer has launched her own kimono line, Double Maison, to encourage young Japanese women to put their own spin on...

Review of “Critical Survey of Graphic Novels: Heroes and Superheroes”

This two-volume set embarks on the ambitious project of survey the most important and influential works of graphic literature in the American canon.

Review of Mike Mignola’s “Lobster Johnson: Prayer of Neferu”

Mignola, Mike, and John Arcudi, authors. Art by Wilfredo Torres and Dave Stewart. Lobster Johnson: The Prayer of Neferu. Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Comics, August 2012. 22pp. $3.50. Minor spoilers.

Review of Michael Avon Oeming’s “Victories” No. 1

Oeming, Michael Avon. Victories, no. 1. Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Comics, Inc., August 2012. 22pp. $3.50. Minor spoilers.

Looking at Tokyopop (Again?)

Looking at Tokyopop (Again?)


The following article originally appeared at Mangapunk.com on 31 August 2006. I was reading an interview of Stuart Levy, CEO of Tokyopop, over at Publishersweekly.com and found some interesting and telling comments in the interview amidst the positive PR speak. “It’s a wonderful book called Parasyte. It’s one of the first books we ever...

A-Kon Reviews

A-Kon Reviews


A-Kon is now doing reviews of some of your favorite anime, manga, books, and movies in our Blog section, The Good, The Bad, the WTF!?