June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

AMV Contest Winners

AMV Contest Winners


And the winners for 2013 are…

A-Kon 24 Photo Galleries

A-Kon 24 Photo Galleries


Well, what can I say, it’s post con and you have taken pictures. So why not send me your pics links to webmaster@a-kon.com and I will post them here.

Colonel Sanders cosplays as Dragon Ball Z’s Goku

TOKYO —In Japan, Colonel Sanders has been known to dress up as Santa Claus around Christmas time and as a giant purple robot around … other times, but nowhe’s found an even cooler costume. Starting Feb 15, Colonel Sanders will cosplay as Dragon Ball Z’s Goku at seven different locations in Japan. Each statue will hold one of the seven dragon balls,...

Fitness meets cute anime girls in exercise app

The holidays are over, you’ve gained a few extra pounds, but you’re finding it difficult to start a workout routine after so many peaceful days spent lounging around. What you need is a workout buddy to help you stay motivated. Preferably a cute girl.

Madoka Magica Movie Comes to Dallas!

Madoka Magica Movie Comes to Dallas!


Come join A-Kon at the screening of the Madoka Magica movie at the Texas Theater on December 29!

Review of Frank Bramlett’s “Linguistics and the Study of Comics”

Bramlett, Frank, ed.  Linguistics and the Study of Comics.  New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2012.  xiv + 310 pp.  $85.00.  Hardback.  ISBN 978-0-230-36282-6. The basic purpose of this edited volume is best stated in the editor’s “Introduction.”  Namely  that this is “a book for anybody who wants to know more about how language and comics go together.  It begins...

Review of Art Spiegelman’s “MetaMaus”

Spiegelman, Art.  MetaMaus: A Look inside a Modern Classic, Maus.  New York: Pantheon Books, 2011.  301 pp.  $35.00.  Hardback.  ISBN 978-0-375-42394-9.  With MetaMaus: The Complete Maus Files.  DVD. Reader Warning: This volume is not for the faint of heart.  Confronting evil never is. This insightful work, by the author of the original Maus, brings to light...

A-Kon Helps Fan Scholars

Through our new Fandom & Neomedia Studies (FANS) Association initiative, A-Kon is seeking to support, assist, and promote fandom and media studies.  We are encouraging investigations and studies into these and related phenomena in the widest possible scope.  Though we are starting small, with a peer-reviewed online journal and hosting a conference, our...

Review of Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312

Robinson, already famous for his Mars and Environment Trilogies, tackles the questions of returning to a degraded environment on Earth after the human species has been living in space habitats and colonies around the solar system for several centuries.

Anime Primer: Chihayafuru

On the surface, the game of karuta doesn’t appear to be particularly interesting or exciting, but the game’s simple nature belies the speed and intensity of competitive gameplay. The same could be said of the new show on Crunchyroll this season, Chihayafuru. On the surface, a series about the game of karuta does not sound all that compelling, but this simple premise belies the strength of the show’s artistry, characters, and storytelling.