June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Colonel Sanders cosplays as Dragon Ball Z’s Goku

TOKYO —In Japan, Colonel Sanders has been known to dress up as Santa Claus around Christmas time and as a giant purple robot around … other times, but nowhe’s found an even cooler costume. Starting Feb 15, Colonel Sanders will cosplay as Dragon Ball Z’s Goku at seven different locations in Japan. Each statue will hold one of the seven dragon balls,...

A-Kon has a Meetup page

A-Kon has a Meetup page


As part of our mission to promote Japanese animation and pop culture, we will be planning and organizing meetups for A-Kon fans and attendees at relevant events of interest throughout the year, including anime movie screenings, Asian festivals, concerts, other conventions, and other cool things going on around the D/FW area that we think our members will enjoy!...