A-Kon is now doing reviews of some of your favorite anime, manga, books, and movies in our Blog section, The Good, The Bad, the WTF!?

Our initial focus will be anime, manga, and items related to them, but we hope to expand to all of our fans’ favorite media, from books to movies to music, as we expand our efforts.  My own personal focus to date has been on manga and I hope to continue in that line.  For all of us, though, we’re going to start by building up a back catalogue of some of our favorite items.

In general, anime reviews will be for relatively brief series, OVAs, or individual movies.  We may add longer series later, but those will be done as reviews of whole seasons at a time.  For manga, the ones done thus far and in our list for the immediate future are all single-volume works.  There are a few multi-volume works under consideration, but they’re all six volumes or shorter.  As for books and series, we’ve not gotten that far yet but I’m sure the rules will be similar.  We also try to keep our choices recent with privilege given to works from the current year.  That said, some of our posts have been about seminal works such as Will Eisner’s A Contract with G-d or a review of Helen McCarthy’s book on the life work of Tezuka.  In that sense, we aim to have a good mix of fresh and classic pieces for our fans to consider.

We hope to start taking fan suggestions for reviews,and even reviews done by fans themselves soon, so keep an eye out for announcements.  In the meantime, let us know what you think.

— Prof. J. Holder Bennett, Collin College