June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Esther Friesner at A-Kon 25

Esther Friesner  at A-Kon 25









E Friesner PhotoNebula Award winner Esther Friesner is the author of forty novels and over one hundred ninety short stories, in addition to being the editor of ten popular anthologies.  Her works have been published in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Russia, France, Poland and Italy.  She is also a published poet and a produced playwright.  Her articles on fiction writing have appeared in Writer’s Market and Writer’s Digest Books.

Her latest novel, DECEPTION’S PRINCESS, is about the girlhood of legendary Queen Maeve of Ireland.  (Love!  Action!  Cattle!)  It will be followed in 2015 by DECEPTION’S PAWN.  These books  join NOBODY’S PRINCESS and NOBODY’S PRIZE (about young Helen of Troy), SPHINX’S PRINCESS and SPHINX’S QUEEN (about Nefertiti), and SPIRIT’S PRINCESS and SPIRIT’S CHOSEN (about Queen Himiko of ancient Japan) in her popular Princesses of Myth series for Random House.  Learn more at:  www.princeesesofmyth.com

Educated at Vassar College, receiving a B.A. degree in both Spanish and Drama, she went on to receive her M.A. and Ph.D. in Spanish from Yale University, where she taught for a number of years. She is married, the mother of two, and lives in Connecticut.  In addition, she is now a happy first-time grandmother.  She used to have a Muse until her ginormous and monumental cat ate it.

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