ENTERTAINMENT SEP. 25, 2012 – 06:49AM JST ( 0 )TOKYO —

Tokyo-based production group Gaijin Channel is producing a new on-going documentary web series covering Japan’s traditional special effects films, including Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman and more.

Around the world these films have become infamous for their bad dubbing, campy monster suits and miniature buildings, and arguably provide the definition for the word “cheese”. Yet with a history of over half a century, the monsters and heroes of these unique special effects productions have become an integral part of Japanese popular culture. Why do they remain popular in today’s age of CGI? Why are they still being produced? And how much do we really know about them?

Shot on location in Japan, SciFi JAPAN TV delves into the world of Japanese monsters and sci-fi, featuring the latest and hottest events in Japan as well as simple yet in-depth discussions with the filmmakers who bring the films to life.

This continuing series of short web documentary features is produced by the Gaijin Channel team in Tokyo, Japan in co-operation with the SciFi Japan website. Each episode is approximately 5 to 10 minutes in length, and is distributed free of charge to an international audience via YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/GaijinCh.

The series is released bilingually with both English and Japanese subtitles.

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