June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Anime and Academic Programming Track FANS Conference

Anime and Academic Programming Track FANS Conference









We are happy to announce our second installment of FANS, a group for Fandom and Neomedia Studies!  A-Kon’s newest effort is to encourage people to write about their favorite aspects of fandom and media.  For us, fandom can be as simple as watching your favorite show or as complex as elaborately recreating epic battle scenes.  Neomedia includes not just new media like Facebook and Twitter, but also new ways of using and thinking about old media.  Mostly, we want folks talking and writing about what they love in a way that’s both fun AND smart.  We especially want educators, librarians, and parents to join us.

Our projects have so far included two full editions of The Phoenix Papers, three editions of a fandom research bibliography, and partnering with the TAMU Commerce Psychology Department on a fandom study. We do this all for free and publish it so anyone can use our work. Many of the people in this group are professors from fields as far apart as history and geology, but we also have students and the fantastic Helen McCarthy making sure we stay true to our fannish roots.

Our conference is open to all A-Kon attendees and the papers will be published in the July edition of our journal. This publication would be the perfect chance for you to do a game or movie review, write about literary or cinematic criticism of your favorite series, psychoanalyze horror movie survivors, or any of the other million and one parts of being a fan and loving it.  Getting published or having a paper presented looks great on a college application or resume, and we encourage people of all levels of education and fandom to take part.

For more information, especially if you want to send in an item for the journal or conference, send us a note.

For the journal.
For the conference.

Or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

So come join FANS and help us make fans even more awesome than they already are.

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