Hi there. I used to run Special Programs for A-Kon, but now I do other stuff. Mainly, my work is in making A-Kon awesome. Now I head up the social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter and such, and try to get info out to folks who ask questions.

I also run the Fandom and Neomedia Studies (FANS) Conference. It’s a new effort we’re making to encourage people to do more solid, academic-style writing on fandom and media topics. These can range from anime and otaku to scifi and fen. It’s a very open-ended effort in that sense. We’re also setting up a journal for folks to publish and have a few other projects in the works to debut later.  One of those long-range projects is to turn A-Kon into an info hub for all things about anime, manga, jpop, and fandom.  For now, I’m happy to help with research projects anyone may have.

In real life, I teach history at a DFW community college. I once turned a course in Western Civilization II into an entire semester on popular culture. We talked about a little of everything from the UFO Columbus reported to the origins of fan fiction. Several of my students enjoyed it so much they’re now helping run the conference.

That’s all for now, but I look forward to doing more posts on the conference and our other efforts, and maybe even a few book and album reviews while my staffers and I are at it. TTFN.