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A-Kon Helps Fan Scholars

Through our new Fandom & Neomedia Studies (FANS) Association initiative, A-Kon is seeking to support, assist, and promote fandom and media studies.  We are encouraging investigations and studies into these and related phenomena in the widest possible scope.  Though we are starting small, with a peer-reviewed online journal and hosting a conference, our eventual goal is to become a major center of learning in these fields.

One way we already help scholars is to share surveys they are using to help with their studies.  Such studies often provide baselines for further research or give a snapshot view of the state of fandom.  We help share out those surveys to our own fans and followers.  Below are the requirements for us to share such a survey or study.  Please let us know if you have any questions through the FANS Contact Us page.

  1. The study must serve a legitimate academic purpose, such as a thesis or dissertation, or be for research.
  2. Surveys must be completely anonymous for survey-takers.
  3. Survey posters must have university/institutional clearance with an informed consent release.
  4. We will post studies and surveys on a first come, first served basis.  We will not post more than one such item more than once every two weeks.
  5. Eventual results must be publicly available and published in some format.
  6. Approval for sending out the survey comes from our committee.  The survey poster must answer any questions we may have before we will send it to our fans.
  7. Surveys which are “R-rated” or “Adults Only” will not be accepted.  A-Kon is a family-friendly group and we aim to stay that way.
  8. Survey material must be relevant to at least one of our fandom groups.  These are: anime, manga, gaming, jpop/kpop, vidders, fanfic/fandom writers, graphic novels, webcomics, LARPs, RPGs, and similar fandoms.  We will take the widest possible reasonable construction for determining if a given survey or study applies.
  9. Survey givers should note that the groups mentioned above may skew their results.  The study may also be affected by geographic proximity since a large number of our fans live in or near the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area with English as their first language.  Our followers tend to be college-aged (18-24) and there is a slight majority of females.  Survey design should take these things into account.  We will distribute any approved surveys or studies through our social network sites which have over 22,000 followers.
  10. If you have any questions about submitting your survey, or suggestions for improving our policies, please use the FANS Contact Us page.
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