June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Room Usage and Locations

Room Usage and Locations









Full Map

Full Map

*UPDATE- Added Full Map with pointers.

A simple breakdown of what rooms panels and events will take place in during A-Kon 25. Please note that all rooms and times are subject to change.







Space Allocation

Anatole Space

Info Desk 1

Trinity Rotunda

Dealers Room

Trinity Exhibits Hall


Trinity Exhibits Hall

Artist Alley/ Convention Alley

Trinity Ballroom

Cultural & Educational

Trinity Ballroom

Main Programming

Chantilly Ballroom

Backstage/ Dressing Rooms

Wedgewood Ballroom


In Front of Window, near Tower Concierge


Atrium Convention Registration/ Cherry Blossom

Info Desk 2/ KP Station 2

Between the Wooden Elephants in front of Chantilly Prefunction

Info Desk 3

Jade entrance to hotel, directly in front of the Media Grill, on the Grand Ballroom side

Doll Akon

Plum Blossom A

Doll Akon

Plum Blossom B

Maid Café


Video 1

Grand Ballroom A/B

Registration/ A-Kon Merchandise

Grand Ballroom C & D/E (Thurs/ Fri)

Registration/ A-Kon Merchandise

Grand Ballroom C (Sat/ Sun)

Video 2

Monet Ballroom

Video 3

Grand Ballroom D/E (Sat/ Sun)

Gaming: Console

Khmer Ballroom

Gaming: Pods

Khmer Ballroom

Gaming: RPG and Miniatures

Coronado Ballroom

Gaming: Collectible Card & Board

Cortez Ballroom

Gaming: Anime LARP

Obelisk Ballroom (Friday)

Panel 1


Panel 2


Panel 3


Panel 4


Panel 5


Panel 6

Peacock Terrace

Panel 7

Metropolitan Ballroom

Panel 8


Panel 9

Stemmons A & B/D (Thurs/ Fri)

Panel 9

Stemmons A (Sat/ Sun)

Panel 10

Stemmons B/ D (Sat/ Sun)

Classroom 1

Monte Carlo

Classroom 2

Govenor’s Lecture Hall

Classroom 3

Senators Lecture hall

Cosplay Prep

DeSoto A

Cosplay Break Room

DeSoto B

Art Show

Stemmons C



Manga Library


Sleeping Samurai Interactive Game


AniIdol Auditions

Peridot (Friday)

Special Events Warm Up Space

Peridot ( Saturday/ Sunday)

Masquerade Dance Class

Obelisk Ballroom (Thursday)

The Syrins Dance Class

Obelisk Ballroom (Saturday early)

Swap Meet

Obelisk Ballroom (Saturday afternoon)

Guinness Check In

Verandah Spaces ( Saturday)

Steampunk Tea

Shelbourne (Saturday)

Victorian Manners

Park View (Friday)

Goblin Market

Park View (Saturday)

Special Events 1

Sculpture Park, near Fire Pit

Special Events 2

Tower Lobby Leve, near Gossip Bar

Special Events 3

Tower Mezzanine Level

Photo Space 1


Photo Space 2

Jade Pavillion

Photo Space 3

Tower Mezzanine

Photo Space 4

Inverness (Friday – Sunday)

Photo Space 5

Outside of Chantilly Foyer, near handicap ramp

Children’s Programming

Tower 7172

Kon Suite

Atrium 734

Private Interview


Press/ Industry Check In


Press/ Interview


KP Space 1

 Corridor leading to West Wing entrance

KP Station 2

Between the Wooden Elephants in front of Chantilly Prefunction

KP Space 3

In front of Atrium Pool


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