Here are some general rules for all three areas.

There is a NO BOOTLEGS policy in effect – please carry only properly licensed, commercially produced material, or original works. Since our major focus is Japanese Animation, and we wish to support the country that produces the items of our interest, we require that items not returning royalties to Japan not be sold in the dealers room (example: SM-brand CD’s; non-Japanese-made model kits based on anime characters; banners, posters or t-shirts that do not have the proper manufacturer’s sticker or identification information on them, wall scrolls, etc.) Unfortunately due to the noncompliance of some dealers, and the resultant outcry, we are going to be more forceful in enforcing this policy. Items will be checked prior to the dealer’s room opening, and items found to be in violation MUST BE REMOVED from sale.

If the dealer refuses, or puts the items back out for sale, THAT DEALER WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM THE CONVENTION WITH NO REFUND OF MONEYS. We’re sorry to have to be so harsh, but due to the actions of a few, we have little choice. This is a private show and we have every right to enforce our stated policy. Please refer questions to the dealer’s room liaison department head.


A-Kon Bootleg Policy

Cancellation Policy: Space is held for dealers, exhibitors or artist alley participants to the exclusion of others. Due to the difficulty in reselling space last-minute, no refunds will be made after 2 weeks prior to the show. Refunds will only be made if space is resold.

Texas Sales Tax: Texas law requires an 8.25% sales tax be charged on purchases made inside the state, and inside the city of Dallas. We require a copy of your tax license on file. If you do not have one, we will send paperwork for a temporary one for use during the convention. There is no filing fee. Tax may be collected by the State Comptroller at the show.

Special note to Dealer Distributors/Producers: Please be aware that local retailers who carry your products may well sell them at the convention. If you undercut their prices you will be damaging your sales in their stores during the rest of the year. Please consider what damage you might do to your sales year round, if local dealers cannot sell your product at a competitive price. If you wish to actively promote a particular product, we can inform and work with the local dealers to avoid a conflict. Please let us know.

Phoenix Entertainment, Project: A-Kon®’s management group, reserves the right to require removal of merchandise (or change of display) which in its sole opinion, is objectionable or is questionable in terms of legality. Please keep your displays acceptable to a PG audience. We want people of all ages to feel comfortable and welcome.