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The 2015 A-Kon AA Sign-Ups are Completed

Thank you very much for your interest in the sign-ups.  At this time, they have been completed.

We are sending out confirmations to the people that were able to sign up to try to be a part of the show.  The confirmations of sign-up will be going out over the next few days, and will be used ONLY to confirm the information in the database.  We will be working the Jury process over the next few weeks, and will announce the list and the wait list on April 1.

Thank you again for your participation in the sign-up.

– Claudia T Smith
A-Kon Artist Alley Coordinator



Artist Alley Information can be found here: http://artistalleys.com/viewforum.php?f=6

and the new Twitter Account https://twitter.com/AkonArtistAlley


A few notes about the Artist Alley for our general public:

The Artist Alley (AA) is a place for artists to showcase their talents and promote their own work at the longest running Anime convention in North America.  This is the place to meet artists and artisans who will be promoting and selling their own work and services.


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Artist Alley Hours of Operation
Location: Trinity Ballroom
Thursday: 6 pm – 9 pm (setup day)
Friday: 10 am – 9 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 9 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm


akon25_vernon_chiever_3376A-Kon Artist Alley 2015 Registration and Rules 

A-Kon Artist Alley for 2015:

  • Signups for the First Come First Serve JURY based registration are on Sunday March 1st at 3pm CST.
  • Tables are 6’X30”, with approximately 4 feet behind (for approximately 6’X6’ of space).  Tables are not to be moved without specific permission from AA Staff, and staying within your space will be strictly enforced.
  • You may only sign up for ONE table.
  • Tables are $175.00, which includes two Akon Artist Alley Badges.  Additional Badges are $45.00.  Every person at the table must have a badge, and must have a badge to enter the Alley.
  • The List will be posted on April 1st, 2015.
  • All applicants MUST have a valid and active Texas Tax ID at the time of registration.
  • All applicants must be 18 years or older.

The Staff:

  • Head of Artist Alley:  Claudia / Hastur
  • Artist Alley Lieutenant:  Gwynn / Starrydance
  • Assistant:  Spizzy
  • Artist Alley volunteers, as indicated by the special badge we all will be wearing


akon25_christina_mathis_0400The Jury Process: 

The Jury Process is an entirely online application through (Website).  On March 1st at 3pm CST – the link to the database will become live and allow artists to register for the jury based application.  For the application, an artist must have:

  • A valid and active Texas Tax ID
  • A working, easy to navigate gallery of their own finished work.  This can include pictures of crafts, pictures of pictures that they have made and will sell prints of, etc.
  • A description of their display
  • Working and valid emails and other contact information.  AA Staff will not track artists down if info is incorrect.

The Jury will review and vote upon applicants, in order of their submittal, during the month of March.  On April 1st, 2015, the final list of Artists, Crafters, and the Wait List will be posted.  The Map will arrive sometime in the month of April.

There are four members of the Jury, who look over each Artists application until both the List and Wait List are full.  There is no rating of artists, only a “Yes”, a “No”, or a “Maybe”.  Criteria used for judging include::

  • It must be one Artists handmade artwork, or crafts.  Shared tables or Studio tables must be applied for stating such.  Every artist selling their wares MUST have their own Tax ID for Texas.
  • A working website that is Artist Alley related.  If a website does not work, or can not easily be navigated to find the work, it can garner a No vote.
  • No selling items that break the rules of Akon, such as Food, Bootleg, Weapons (see policies) or other.
  • Some services – such as Photographers – are not allowed in the Alley.
  • Both Artists and Crafters must have a handmade element to their table.  If a table appears mass produced, or “stick a bird on it”, then it will be passed onto the wait list.
  • It must be the applicants OWN artwork.  No agents or clubs!
  • To state it once more:  HAVE a clean, working Gallery:
    • There are many free websites such as Deviant Art and more to park a gallery at!
    • Personal Tumblrs that are full of other artists or reblogs will be voted No
    • Blogs that must be scrolled through excessively will be voted No
    •  Galleries that show very little products or are locked down, require registration, or have no Artistic or Craft items will be voted No

Once the list has been filled with the Yes, No, and Maybe votes, the tables Maybe’s will be given queries to determine if they are Yes or No.

Once the items have been determined Yes or No, the tables will be allocated, in first come order, to the ones that the jury has voted Yes to.  No’s will be removed from the list.  Once the tables have been filled, the remaining Yes’s will be deemed Wait Listed.

Rules of the Table 

  • Tables are (Size) and Artists may only apply, or have, one table.  A few exceptions are grandfathered in.  No new exceptions will currently be made.
  • Artist may not move their table within your space without permission from the AA Staff.  Build your display upon the table as it is set, or send an inquiry to akonaa@gmail.com, AFTER the sign-up.  Have a plan for if you are refused.
  • Displays may only be 8 feet off the table, and stable.  They may not hang into the aisle or into another’s booth.  If your neighbors complain about you infringing on their space, you will be given ONE warning and only one to work with the neighbors.
  • Each Artist selling MUST have their own Tax ID.
  • There is a default of two chairs per table.  There may never be more than four people behind each table at any given time.
  • Stay within your lines!  If an Artist has four people, they still must keep all things behind the table neatly stowed within their lines.  No blocking the aisles, and no going into neighbors booths.
  • The back of your area may only have a minimum of posters, or a banner, to show your wares.  Your back display must NEVER overpower the front of any display behind you. No towers of prints to the sky.  It disrupts the alley.
  • Artists MUST have permission to make displays over one table.  “Sit Next To” is NEVER guaranteed – do NOT plan on joint tables.
  • Rulebreakers will be warned one time only, and can be banned or put on probation for future years of the Alley.

Set up and Check in

  • Will be announced officially via Email closer to the Convention. The general times and dates will be comparable to previous years.
  • As in previous years, you will be required to check in before you will be allowed to set up on the Thursdaybefore the con
  • As in previous years, we will be setting up tables before anyone is allowed to set up their display
  • As in previous years, there will be one cloth per table provided – plan on bringing your own as needed
  • This year will be slightly different in that there will be an unloading area both behind and in front of the AA, with a staffer to help ensure that traffic moves properly.
  • As in previous years, you will be required to load your stuff in and move your vehicle out of the way as quickly as possible

If you make it in:

  • Payment will be in PayPal only
  • You may have as many extra badges as you need but only a maximum of four behind the table
  • Don’t be a wanker
  • People will be given one warning and one warning only – if you get two warnings for two different things, that counts as breaking one warning and then breaking the rules. Breaking the rules will be considered grounds for expulsion
  • We reserve the right to tell you to hide anything in order to follow the rules as set out by A-Kon for weaponry, bootlegs, adult material, etc.
  • We conduct secret shops and not necessarily using our staff. If you fail a secret shop, you will get ONE warning before we release you.
  • If we get too many negative comments about you or your behavior, then you may be denied in future AAs.  We ask all of our participants to give us a report, and while we may not comment on any of them individually, we DO take them into consideration for future events. Be a good neighbor.

 There you have it – the rules for this year’s Artist Alley.  Please use the time between now and March 1 to test the Database so that you know what to expect, and good luck to all of you.