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A-Kon Lost And Found – Please Claim Your Lost Items!

A-Kon Lost And Found – Please Claim Your Lost Items!


The lost and found has been inventoried, and we’d love to be able to return all items to their proper owners!

So, if you’ve lost an item, please send me an e-mail (at tegan@a-kon.com)including the following:



  1. Your name and an address to which we can return your item should we be able to locate it in the lost and found.
  2. As much information and description of your item as possible! Pictures are especially helpful. Saying that you lost a pair of glasses doesn’t help us locate the item, since we often have many, many glasses in our lost and found. If you know the maker, design, color, etc, it REALLY helps us find out which ones belong to you!

So, please, let us know if you’ve lost something! We’d really like to get it back to you if we have it!

All items are held for 6 months. You have until December 31, 2013 to claim lost items from A-Kon 24.
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