June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Cosplay Information for A-Kon 25

Cosplay Information for A-Kon 25









*UPDATE 04-07-14

A-Kon Cosplay News: We are currently on a Waitlist for all Walk-On spots for the contest. There are a few skit spots available at this time. We will be taking an undetermined amount of Walk-On signups (at least 10) at the convention.

*Update, Sign-Ups are now open!

A-Kon 2014 Cosplay Competition Rules and Guidelines

Section I: Contest Rules


    • credit Samaze.com

      credit Samaze.com

      You must have a valid A-Kon badge in order to participate.

    • Entrants 13 and under must have their parents’ permission to enter, and must be accompanied by a legal guardian or adult relative at the show.
    • By entering this contest you agree to read and abide by all rules as posted and that failure to do so will result in your disqualification from the contest and/or removal from the event.
    • A-Kon Cosplay Staff and A-Kon reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone to the Cosplay event for any reason.

Contest Guidelines:

    • credit Jack R Bragg Jr.

      credit Jack R Bragg Jr.

      Cosplay is a PG-13 event. Offensive language and sexual humor is not allowed. Be clever, not crass. Judgement on appropriateness of material is left to the discretion of the Cosplay Director and Cosplay Staff.

    • All costumes must provide as much body coverage as a bikini. Body paint, latex pasties, thongs, etc. are not considered adequate body coverage on their own.
    • Entrants must exhibit good sportsmanship and remain professional at all times. Rude behavior and offensive remarks or insults toward staff, judges, or other entrants may be considered grounds for disqualification.
    • Entrants must be able to make it up and down a set of three stairs in order to get on stage. If your costume/prop cannot make it onto the stage this way with the assistance of a handler, please enter the Hall Cosplay contest instead.
    • Entrants may not enter costumes entered in any previous A-Kon Cosplay contests (Main Cosplay contest, Hall Cosplay contest, or Video Game Cosplay contest). Additionally, you may not enter the same costume in the Main Cosplay contest on Saturday night and the Hall Cosplay contest on Friday.


    • ZAP!


      There will be a limit of 12 skit entries and 50 walk-on entries. A minimum of 10 walk-on entries will be accepted on-site. All skit entries must be submitted online by the deadline, no skit entries will be accepted on-site.

    • All skit audio must be pre-recorded, including all dialogue, music, and sound effects. Written scripts will not be accepted for approval. Audio tracks must be received by the Cosplay Director no later than May 8, 2014 for review and testing. Any skit entries that do not submit a pre-recorded soundtrack by the deadline will be disqualified. Should a soundtrack be deemed inappropriate, entrants will be allowed to re-record it once. After audio has been approved, it may not be changed or resubmitted for ANY reason. If submitted audio tracks exceed the time limit, they will be cut off at 3 minutes.
    • Walk-ons will be performed to runway-style music chosen at the discretion of Cosplay Staff.
    • Skit performances will be limited to 3 minutes on stage with one minute allowed for setup. Walk-on entries will be limited to 30 seconds.
    • Skit performances cannot exceed more than 10 people, including handlers and set crew (“stage ninjas”), and only 6 people may be on the stage at one time. Walk-on entries may include up to 5 people.

How and when to enter:

    • Magic


      Signups for the A-Kon 25 Saturday Night Cosplay contest will begin on March 13, 2014. All entries are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline for online entries is April 18, 2014.

    • To enter, the entrant (or group leader) is required to submit the Cosplay Sign-Up Form online (to be posted March 13, 2014). Submit only one entry per group, please. Audio for skit entries must be submitted to akoncosplaystaff@gmail.com by May 8, 2014 for approval.
    • On-site walk-on entries will be accepted beginning at 10:00am Saturday, June 7. No skit entries will be accepted on-site.

Stage rules:

    • No microphones may be used by the contestants at any time. ALL audio material must be pre-recorded and submitted as a skit entry (see above).
    • Everything brought onto the stage during a skit or walk-on entry must be removed at the end of the time limit. Messy substances including confetti, glitter, flower petals, and water are not allowed to be brought on the stage. Pyrotechnics or special effects such as fireworks, flash paper, or smoke machines will not be allowed on the stage or backstage area. You may not throw anything off the stage or into the crowd.
    • Non-firing toy weapons will be allowed on-stage without peace bonding, but any live weapons will result in immediate removal from the stage. No food, animals, or remote control devices are allowed on stage.
    • All stage fighting or acrobatics must be limited to half speed and quarter strength. One foot must remain on the floor at all times. Climbing onto the stage or leaping off the stage is prohibited.

Craftsmanship judging:

    • Akon23-Christina-0137-MAll costumes must be made by the entrant(s) or credited to the appropriate creator(s) on the entrant’s entry form. Creators not entering in costume must be present to receive awards. No purchased costumes will be allowed.
    • All entries must be at least 50% made or significantly modified from original garments. Borderline costumes will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
    • Craftsmanship judging will take place in Cosplay HQ (DeSoto A) from 10am – 4pm on Saturday, June 7. Each entry will be allowed 4 minutes to present their costume to the judges.
    • If you do not come to Craftsmanship judging during this time, you will not be eligible to receive awards. If you have a significant schedule conflict during this time period, you may ask to be moved ahead in line for judging.
    • Reference images must be submitted with each entry at the time of craftsmanship judging, either printed or on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Section II: Divisions and Awards


    • akon23-jake-0304lowThis category is intended for costumers with novice to intermediate experience in making costumes. Those with basic formal training (such as crafting classes or entry-level college courses in costuming or fashion) will be permitted to compete in this division.
    • No Open Division entrant may have won more than three minor awards or more than one major award at previous conventions.
    • If the Cosplay Head or a judge feels that you should be placed in a higher division based off the craftsmanship and presentation of your costume, your entry may be changed to that higher division.


    • The Advanced category is intended for people with advanced formal training in costuming or fashion, extensive experience in making costumes, or who have won several awards for costumes.
    • Anyone may choose to enter this division.


    • IMG_3970Best in Division: This is given to an entrant or group who has shown an exceptional degree of craftsmanship and execution for their particular class.
    • Second Place in Division
    • Third Place in Division
    • Best Prop: This award is given to an entrant with the most creative and impressive prop.
    • Best Skit Performance: This award is given to the skit performance with the most impressive overall execution.
    • Best Non-Anime: This award is given to the entry with the best recreation of something from media not of Japanese origin, including American or European cartoons, comics, movies, video games, etc.
    • The People’s Choice: This award is given to the entry which receives the biggest audience response.
    • Judges’ Awards: Each judge may grant an award to an entry that they feel is exceptional.
Weeping Angel

Weeping Angel


Hall Cosplay

    • First Place
    • Second Place
    • Best Craftsmanship
    • Creativity Award: This award is given to an entry with a particularly creative or innovative use of materials used to create their costume and/or prop.

Legal Disclaimer: A-Kon Cosplay Staff and A-Kon reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone to the Cosplay Event for any reason.

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