AVD Logo 2Advanced Visual Designs (AVD) once again hosts the Model Contest. As always, awards are First, Second, and Third Place in each category, as well as Best of Show. These beautifully crafted, lovingly assembled works are well worth taking time to see. But please don’t touch. If you break something, someone will cry, payment will be extracted, pain inflicted, death and destruction will follow forever.

Model Contest Display Hours of Operation
Location: TBA
Friday: TBA
Saturday: TBA
Sunday: TBA


Model Contest Rules:

  1. Maximum of  3 entries  per person.
  2. No member of AVD, staff or family member may enter.
  3. All entrants must fill out an entry form with their name, address, models entered and categories of entry, which must be turned in to the AVD table by the close of The Dealers Room on Saturday.
  4. All entrants must sign a disclaimer on their forms that they painted and assembled the entries themselves. (Fibbing is grounds for disqualification!)
  5. All entrants will be provided with a 3×5 index card for each model they enter. Entrants must write their name, the model number from their entry form and their entry number, provided at time of entry.
  6. All models will be judged on their individual merits, and  rulings are final.
  7. Incomplete models cannot be entered – try them at a later show!

Contest Categories:

  • Anime, Manga, or Comic characters
  • Mecha, Robots, and Vehicles
  • BDS (Resin Dolls Only)
  • Scrap-Built & Kit Bash