June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

DollAKon returns! *Updated Info*

DollAKon returns! *Updated Info*









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DollAKon has exciting news!  In 2014 we will have a ball-joint doll specific vendor room in Plum Blossom A w/market sessions each day of the convention.  Doll sculptors, artisans, crafters and retailers are all eligible for market booths.

Information and application can be found on the DollAKon webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/dollacon/home/sales-room

DollAKon continues to grow, and this year will have programming in TBA throughout the three days of A-Kon®. Look for programming information and other announcements here, as well as through the groups Facebook page.

Also: https://sites.google.com/site/dollacon/

Here are the exciting guests that will be taking part in DollAKon.

Donn Kinney

D Kinney PhotoDonn began his career working in puppetry with his first art-related job in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 creature shop.  After Ninja Turtles, Donn worked on several national and international puppet projects including The Fox Cubhouse, a combination of three shows produced by the Jim Henson company, Film Australia and DIC Entertainment.  During work on the Cubhouse, Donn began to experiment with computer animation, created several short films that played at SIGGRAPH, and one short, Steve Saves the Universe, that went on to be nominated for an award at the London Effects and Animation Festival.

For the next nine years, Donn would do animation work on a variety of projects ranging from a series of commercials for Singapore’s M1 Telecommunications to animated elements for Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

On a stroll through the artists alley while attending Otakon in the summer of 2003, he was accidentally introduced to the world of BJDs and was instantly inspired.  Within the next year, and after much experimentation, he had created his first BJD sculpt and in 2004 founded Bishonen House. Bishonen House has now been in existence for ten years, and during that time Donn has handmade over 450 BJDs which are in private collections worldwide.  Don’s BJDs have been featured in Doll Reader, Haute Doll, Fashion Doll Quarterly and Dolls magazine.

Donn continues to create and release new dolls and just recently finished construction on the new Bishonen House studio which includes an expanded doll workshop as well as classroom space where he intends to teach doll making, casting, and mold-making workshops for model makers and doll artists.

When Donn isn’t working on doll commissions, he spends his time working on a top secret web-comic project!!

You can check out Donn’s latest photos and updates on the following links:


DeAnne Stefanic

D Stefanic PhotoDeAnne Stefanic is a full-time graphic artist who bought her first BJD in May of 2008, planning to use him as a drawing model. One doll.

That lasted less than a month. Her second doll arrived in June and she never looked back. She figured since she has an art degree and can draw a little she’d enjoy doing faceups. Easier said than done! DeAnne searched for and finally found a face-up style to call her own, as well as the skills to do additive and subtractive mods, tattoos, and scarring.  She loves doing face-up work and is thrilled to have the chance to help others learn to do them at A-Kon.  Visit paintitblackstudio.blogspot.com to view her work or for information on commissions.

DeAnne’s free time is usually spend finding ways to rid herself of free time by inventing crazy projects involving drawing, painting, writing and, of course, dolls. She has an ongoing comic starring the characters she bought her first dolls to represent, and is involved in the indie art and craft scene in her area

She currently lives in the Saint Louis area with a crotchety cat, a spastic dog and an army of dolls named Alex.

We’re sorry to announce that Sarah B. Seiter and Jessica Douglas, a.k.a. The Mushroom Peddler, won’t be able to appear at DollAKon or A-Kon this year, as Sarah is having foot surgery and will be unable to travel.

E Bowen PhotoEileen Bowen

A graduate of the Digital Animation and Visual Effects school at universal studios Florida, Eileen is a creative soul that loves to imagine. When looking for work she ran across BJD and 3D printing and the two ideas crashed into each other. She gleefully ran away with the idea to create her own tiny business, Silverbeams dolls (or Silverbeams Magic). Most of her work is geared toward fantasy and geekery. From tiny ball jointed dolls, to cosplay and accessories for dolls of all sizes, created with the amazing technology of 3D printing.

Please watch this space and the DollAKon web site and Facebook pages for additional 2014 guest information.
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