June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Anthony Brownrigg at A-Kon 25

Anthony Brownrigg at A-Kon 25









Anthony Brownrigg is a filmmaker, actor, musician and all around media specialist. For over thirty years he has been in the video and film production industry producing and directing the award winning Red Victoria, Silent Interchanges, Dark Evolution and many others. His recent projects include the werewolf television series in development Freeborn – The Werewolf Chronicles, as well as the sequel to the 1973 horror cult film “Don’t Look in the Basement”.  He has also done voice work for Funimation on various projects including One Piece, and FMA. His band Savage Gypsy, has produced many of the A-Kon rules songs including “Shower for Me”, and dear Phillip Morris.  This marks his tenth year at A-Kon and his seventh as the Co-MC of the welcoming ceremonies.

A Brownrigg Photo

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