June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Steampunk Social and Ball

Steampunk Social and Ball









Come dress in your finest Steampunk wear and enter the Stemmons Ballroom, sections A & B/D on Friday night for an evening of music, light refreshment and dance. Again this year, join DJ Infam0us as he helps set the mood for an evening of entertainment.


B Scarbrough Photo

DJ Infam0us – your evening’s host

Founder of GlitchCon and resident DJ for Tokyo in Tulsa – DJ Infam0us drops crowd pleasing awesome from his ultra-sonic bass cannon of doom. Infam0us hailing from the Northwest Arkansas in the United States, Infam0us spent years in the club scenes of Dallas and Tulsa enjoying every genre of music that presented itself. Finally moving from the dance floor to the stage, Infam0us cut his teeth as a DJ in the goth clubs and Anime conventions of the mid-south spreading his love of cross genre sets with lots of nerd flavor everywhere he goes.

Darwin Prophet & The Chronus Mirror

Darwin Prophet Photo 3Thematic Travelers from planet Mi of the galaxy Solfege will take you on a sonic journey across a symphony of history and into futuresong. Darwin, with her companions Maestro on violin and DarKrys on viola, voice and percussion, bring you Literary Rock in vibrant aural exhibitions. Transforming myth & legend of yestermorrows into songs of timeless beauty, DPCM blends ethereal groove & aesthetic charm with a touch of steam in a dance of concentric infinity. Imagine Oscar Wilde, Kate Bush, Harry Nilsson and Douglas Adams having tea and jamming with the Doctor.
Don’t Panic…





Steampunk Invasion writes-
From beyond the mists of time and space the sirens call of DARWIN PROPHET AND THE CHRONUS MIRROR will engage your mind and free your spirit with their special brand of musical trancedence

For more information on them, check out their website: www.darwinprophet.com

Egress PhotoThis Way to the Egress

Habitual pilgrims of the road—and with a home base of Bethlehem, PA—This Way to the Egress puts on a show that sounds and looks just as at home on an Opera House stage as it does on a New Orleans street corner.  Sowed in the fertile soil of dirty little secrets, crushed childhood dreams, addiction, despair, jubilation, and of course debauchery, Egress weaves elements of ol’ timey roots, klezmer, balkan, blues, ragtime, swing, and punk-rock into whiskey-soaked melodies, deviant rhythms, and infectious refrains. All the while they fuse their eclectic sounds with visual antics such as confetti snow storms, tuba farts, and puppets of various sorts, in the process creating a modern slant on the good old days of Vaudeville.

Direct anyone to www.thiswaytotheegress.com

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