June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Meet Jackie Kashian at A-Kon 25

Meet Jackie Kashian at A-Kon 25









Jackie Kashian is probably best described as a comedian with a sardonic delivery matched with a geeky interior and surprisingly chill exterior. That’s perhaps the greatest thing about Jackie, her very real, very personal delivery, and very human thoughts on what she’s expounding.

Her comedy is like listening to a really racy episode of All Things Considered. She is comic, writer, and occasional actor… she has a half hour special on Comedy Central, her latest CD, “It Is Never Going To Be Bread” was one of the top ten comedy albums of the year on Amazon, and she just made her late night comedy debut on the Conan O’Brien show.

Since 2006, Kashian has been hosting The Dork Forest Podcast.  She invites a wide variety of guests, from standup comics, authors, actors and perfectly nice regular people to “dork out” on the thing they love most. It can be, and has been, comic books, video games, anime, action figures and science fiction. It has also been Trains, the history of Baseball, Bees, Perfume and Salsa Dancing. All things fit in the dork forest.

Tune into The Dork Forest on iTunes, at her website www.jackiekashian.com OR come see Jackie host a LIVE TDF at A-Kon.

This year she’ll be doing a live The Dork Forest podcast and a stand up show at A-Kon. Listen for your dorkdom and be psyched to be part of the safest space in podcastville.


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