June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Anthropos Games at A-Kon 25

Anthropos Games at A-Kon 25









Anthropos Games

Game/System: Fantaji Role-Playing System
Module: Your party has infiltrated a floating city high in the clouds, searching for the person behind a series of violent outbursts in a village far below. The chase will take you up and down the ranks of Andhuran society, from Dukes and Cardinals to street thieves and tonic salesmen. When the climax strikes in the high gardens at sunset, will your party have what it takes to flush out the insurrectionist, slay the flying serpent, and keep the city from crashing into the mountains ahead?

It’s an epic adventure in a captivating fantasy-anime setting! The system takes 15 minutes to learn, and you will be out of your seat, on your feet, cursing those monsters that get in your way. The Fantaji System is a simple but highly tactical role-playing engine suited for several genres of play.

Game/System: The Early Dark Role-Playing Game

Module: Two weeks ago, your party was caught breaking into an ancient monastery high in the Edradan mountains. After letting you rot in a dry cistern for days, the monks come to you for help. They promise full pardon and all the riches you can carry if you save the monastery from attack and race against a roving warlord to reach the Oracle first. Wrangle feral wyverns of the mountain, survive a haunted bog, solve the puzzles of the beacon, and test your mettle against Aragni, the God in the Shell.

Early Dark is a gritty, low-fantasy RPG from local game publisher, Anthropos Games. The unique d10 system combines old-school crunch with new-school creativity. Pre-gen characters will introduce new players to a great game.

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