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AMV Contest Winners

AMV Contest Winners









And the winners for 2013 are…

Masters Contest:

  • Best of Show – Ivy Bridge (M130000306/Usagi Drop) by Shin
  • Runner Up – Magic Mouth (M130000259/Puella Magi Madoka Magica) by BasharOfTheAges
  • Fan Favorite – Ivy Bridge (M130000306/Usagi Drop) by Shin

Standard Contest:

  • Best of Show – Eyes (S130000271/Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below) by nicki_013
  • Runner Up – The Strike Witches 2.0 (S130000264/Strike Witches) by MagicFlier
  • Fan Favorite – 39 Degrees Farenheit (S130000289/Various) by LCLapen
  • Non-AMV Favorite – Running from Reality (S130000262/The World Ends With You) by LeaXIII

A full listing of entries can be found on the AMV Contest page under listings.

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