June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Homestuck Cosplay Is Not Banned!

It has been brought to our attention that there have been rumors circulating about Homestuck cosplay being banned from the convention and/or hotel in 2014.

A-Kon would like to state for the record that these rumors are not true.

All reports of severe property damage, gross acts of misconduct, and disregard for hotel property are either greatly exaggerated or did not occur at all.

Some reports indicate that it was the “head of A-Kon” who was the source of some of this information, but we can assure everyone that our executive staff has never made such a statement to anyone.

Other reports have stated that suffered the hotel “millions of dollars” in damages from the actions of our attendees. This is very much an exaggeration. While we cannot deny that some damage may have been done, it was within an expected and reasonable threshold, and most, if not all reported cases were due to accidents rather than to malicious intent or total ignorance.

A-Kon would like to reiterate that Homestuck cosplayers, like all of the niche and offshoot fandoms that often join us at our show, will continue to be welcome in our family. We do ask that our attendees continue to exercise common sense and good behavior at all times, but we have confidence that our fans will do just fine.

Thank you!

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