June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

The A-Kon Staff

The A-Kon Staff


Need assistance? A-Kon can be a fantastic experienc with much to do and see, but problems can certainly bring your fun factor down a notch or two. A-Kon staffs volunteers, however, they are not all-knowing, all-seeing gods (although they try!) Directing your question or problem to the right department at the beginning not only helps yourself, but helps us serve you better. Here’s a description of A-Kon service staffs and their duties.


Corazon and her efficient crew are here to handle your advance membership to the convention, or to sell you a one day or three day pass.

Since Pre-Reg has gotten so large, we recomend that you pick up your pre-reg pack Thursday night, if possible, since there are longer lines on Friday morning. Pre-Reg and onsite Reg will be at seperate tables.

If there is a problem with your registration (we can’t find your badge, unknown membership transfers, etc.) we will start a third line to serve you more personally. The physically disabled (who have trouble standing, in a wheelchair, etc.) can go directly to this third line, as it will be much shorter. This is not a general registration line.

Registration Hours

  • Thursday 6:30pm – 9:30pm
  • Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm
  • Saturday 8:00am – 7:00pm
  • Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm

Phoenix Sales

Here is where our wonderful and eye-catching A-Kon T-Shirts are sold. The Phoenix Sales staff would love to find you just the size you want. T-Shirts from previous A-Kons will also be available for sale, hurry before they all run out.

Phoenix Sales Hours

  • Friday 11am – 7pm
  • Saturday 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday 10:30am – 5pm

Info Desk

Info Desk is the source of all wisdom… well, they have information you want, anyway. These sages know where the panel rooms are, when and where Con events occur, and things of this nature. Lost or wayward items often visit the Info Desk on their way back to you, If the Informed Ones can’t answer your questions, they can pinpoint the individual or department to help you. And they will, without so much as a cookie in return. Get your forms here for

  • Cosplay
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Contests
  • etc.

Kon Patrol

Kon Patrol is everywhere, for your protection and assistance. We’ve worked hard to make them especially visible among the crowds. They’ve got radios. Lose something, had it stolen, lost yourself? Someone’s getting in your face? Kon Patrol is there to help you deal with a variety of situations. They’ve seen it all, and delt with it with aplomb. Rowdy individuals, or those who throw noisy room parties will definitely meet them. For medical problems, they will track down the Medical Staff ASAP. They will card you should you wish to enter an ‘adult’ video room, or if you happen to be drinking alcohol away from designated areas. This is the Law in Texas, so please don’t give them grief about doing their job. Fans like you, they want to make sure the Con can continue. Please read the Official Weapons Policy for further information.


A small but elite staff, at least one members walks the floor most hours of the day or night. Part diplomat, part Kon Patrol, part information bank, Troubleshooters will often help you out before you even realize you have a problem. They know where the ATMs are, how to assist with mobility issues, find the quickest way back to your room, or whether your weapon is acceptable. To a Troubleshooter, no job is too small, no problem too big.


The Medical Staff circulate around the con areas all day and often until late at night. Whether it’s a headache or a heart attack, our medical crew is qualified to deal with it. If you arrive at A-Kon with a serious medical problem, please make yourself known to The Medical Staff so they can be prepared for your particular emergency.

Children’s Programming

In response to the rising number of attendees with children, ;) we’ve added a special place for kids to have fun, see some videos, and play. Children up to age 11 will be welcome here. Juice and snacks will be provided, they’ll do crafts, play games, etc. The children’s programming is available Friday, Saturday, and some of Sunday. Children may be signed up for only a single 4 hour session per day. Donations of age-appropriate toys, videos, or snacks are welcome (the toys and videos are only borrowed- you will get them back.)

A-Kon TV

Streaming from multiple racked tera-drives near you, check channel (whatever the hotel gives us) on your hotel TV for sizzling programs of originating Live from the Con. Schedules and announcements update on the half hour. Additional programming will air, such as highlights of Opening Ceremonies, CosPlay, video from past conventions, etc. Don’t miss GrovelCam, or the further adventures of Hedgy and his pals.

Kon Suite

The Pleasant Posse of Penut Butter Pushers staff A-Kon’s traditional Kon Suite. Check with info desk for Suite hours.

Hotel Front Desk

If there is a problem or question with your room in any way, then contact the Front Desk. A-Kon is not responsible for hotel reservation errors. If you have lost your room key, hotel staff can issue you another. The front desk can also direct you to the gym, pool, sauna, restaurants, or gift shops. Please be patient and polite with them. Thousands of people will be checking in, most arriving Thursday and Friday of the con, and the hotel staff can be harried and overwhelmed.

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