Mignola, Mike, Christopher Golden, and Ben Steinbeck. “Baltimore: The Inquisitor.” Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Comics, 2013.

The story begins in wartime Sarajevo, still part of the Austo-Hungarian Empire in 1917. Lord Henry Baltimore receives an unexpected letter as he hunts vampire under cover of the conflict. He is sought by a resurrected Holy Inquisition that believes he is as evil as the monsters he hunts. The letter is from an old friend who barely escaped “purification” at the hands of Father André Duvic, one of the Inquisition’s most avaricious hunters.

Though brief, it is but the first installment of a series that promises further, darker, investigations into the nature of mankind and the demons he creates for himself as much as the ones who assault our species from the outside. The art is suitably macabre to bring flavor to a story already tainted by the abyss. I look forward to future installments.