June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

A-Kon® invites you to join us for Masquerade Dance.

A-Kon® invites you to join us for Masquerade Dance.











This event will be held on Thursday, June 5th, 2014  In the Stemmons Ballroom sections A & B/D  Beginning at 8 pm and concluding at 12:30 am

Here are some rules and information on dressing for the Dance.

Note – there will be masks for sale through the A-Kon® Merchandise Tables, both in Grand Ballroom C, as well as outside the Stemmons space on Thursday evening.

It’s time to open up music requests/suggestions for the A-Kon 25 Masquerade Ball!

If you have a song or two you would like us to look into, please email AkonMasqueradeMusic@gmail.com

To make sure we understand exactly what your music suggestions are, please list artist, song name, and if available, a youtube link to listen. If it is from an anime, movie, cartoon etc, please list that information as well.

We will accept suggestions until the end of April. 
What kind of music should I suggest?

- Ballroom music (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep etc.)
- Music from anime, games, and music that is dance-able in a ballroom setting

Need ideas? Check out this site:

What type of music should I NOT suggest?

Suggestions who do not follow the rules will immediately be ignored!

- Music that varies too much in tempo
- Songs with no distinct/easy to follow beat
- Rap
- Dubstep
- Electronic Dance/Rave Music
- Pop (That isn’t actually dance-able in a ballroom setting)

We will listen to all suggestions emailed, however please understand we cannot play ALL suggested music.

There will be NO requests at the actual event so please make sure to get in suggestions before the end of April!

You must email your suggestions and requests to AkonMasqueradeMusic@gmail.com. Otherwise, they will be ignored.

A-Kon® 25 Masquerade Rules 

1396610_620314404674578_1714093315_nGeneral Information

The masquerade is a formal event.

A convention badge is required at the door of the event. You must be age 13+ to enter.

Listed in full below are the rules for the Masquerade Dance. Prior to entry, outfits and masks will be checked at the event to make sure they meet these guidelines. We may either ask you to change part of your outfit or not allow you to enter the masquerade.

All outfits worn must be formal in finish as well as in cut.  Garments that are ripped, shredded, blood-splattered, visibly dirtied, or unfinished, even if they are formal in style, are not acceptable. Duct tape is not an acceptable material for formal wear. You are welcome to wear either purchased or handmade outfits, but garments will be held to the same standard regardless of how it was constructed. If we can see lots of hanging loose threads or unfinished edges, your outfit will not qualify as a finished garment and will not be considered formal.

If you have any questions or uncertain about your outfit, please feel free to contact us at akoncosplaystaff@gmail.com


All participants are required to wear a mask.

Make sure whatever mask you choose covers at least one eye, but try not to impair your field of vision. Masks worn to our Masquerade Ball should be masquerade-style masks. You may attach your mask to your face with ribbons, elastic, body adhesive, spirit gum, etc., or it may be a stick mask that you hold in front of your face. Masks are traditionally intended to hide your identity, so please wear your mask at all times during the ball!

Regarding character masks: distinguishing masks worn by a specific character that is NOT a masquerade-style mask are not allowed. For example, Batman, Spider-Man, and Guy Fawkes masks/cowls are not acceptable because they are not masquerade-style masks. However, a Zorro mask would be okay because it is a masquerade-style mask (as seen below).  You may, however, wear a masquerade-style mask decorated in a way that is inspired by a character (painting it with a character’s costume colors or patterns, etc.).

Acceptable Masks:

  • Masquerade-style (harlequin-style, domino-style, etc.)

Examples of acceptable masks:

Unacceptable Masks:

  • VKei/J-Fashion/painters’ masks that cover just the nose and mouth
  • Gas masks
  • Goggles
  • Wrestling masks
  • “Character masks” – see above
  • “Halloween masks” – character masks, rubber full-face masks of monsters, politicians, etc.
  • Helmets
  • Masks that cover your entire head
  • Masks that are painted onto your face

Examples of unacceptable masks:


All footwear should adhere to the formal rules.

Acceptable shoes:

  • Dress boots
  • Men’s dress shoes
  • Dressy ballet flats
  • High-heeled pumps/ strappy heels

Wear shoes like these:

Unacceptable shoes:

  • flip flops/thong sandals/espadrilles
  • heavy boots
  • clunky platform boots
  • slippers/house shoes
  • sneakers/tennis shoes
  • no shoes at all (bare feet)

You will NOT be allowed in if you wear shoes like these:

Black tennis shoes and work shoes are not considered dress shoes and will not be allowed.

If you choose to make shoe or boot covers to match an outfit that you have made, make sure that they look finished and neat, without any loose or fraying edges.

Please remember that this is a dance, so you will probably be moving around a lot. Try to choose shoes that you will be comfortable dancing in.

Traditional Western Dress

For those planning to dress in female formal attire, fancy dresses, prom dresses and evening gowns are acceptable. Tailored suits are also acceptable. Excessively tight clothing or anything you would wear to a dance/club/rave is not acceptable. Skirts must be at least knee-length, see “Skirt Length” below.

Unacceptable Women’s attire:

Dresses that are too short or revealing (see Skirt Length).

Dresses that are too casual.

For those planning to dress in male formal attire, a tuxedo would be delightful and encouraged. However, you may wear a suit or, at the very minimum, a nice button-up long sleeved shirt with a tie, slacks, belt, and dress shoes. Vests and/or jackets are also highly encouraged.

Fancy Highland dress may also be worn. Kilts do not necessarily need to be traditional wool, but they should be tartan and of a more traditional cut. Utility or ultra-casual pocketed kilts are not formal enough, and will not be allowed in. For more traditional styles, you are more than welcome to wear a jacket, but more “fantasy” looks will also be allowed, with a nice poet-style shirt. Please wear kilt hose, flashes, belt, and sporran with both, and please do not bring sgian dubh or any other form of ornamental weapon, as this is prohibited by A-Kon’s weapons policy. Footwear rules still apply; you may wear ghillie brogues or some other type of dress shoes.

Acceptable Men’s attire:

Unacceptable Men’s attire (too casual):

Traditional Eastern Dress

Those wearing formal Eastern dress should be dressed just as nicely – formal kimono, haori and hakama, cheongsam, hanbok, ao dai, etc. While sandals are not allowed with other outfits, you may wear nice-looking zori or geta with Japanese formal attire. Sari and formal shalwar kameez are allowed.

Military Dress

Formal fictional military uniforms (i.e. formal SeeD uniforms from FFVIII) are ok, but all parts (footwear, mask, fit, etc.) must adhere to the rest of the rules. Military personnel are welcome to wear dress uniforms.

However, regarding historical military uniforms or costumes that closely resemble them: no Axis uniforms, no Confederate uniforms, no Hitler Youth uniforms, no Apartheid-era South African uniforms, no Burmese junta uniforms.

Acceptable fictional military dress:

Cosplay Dress

While cosplay is welcome, we ask that all cosplayers choose attire that fits the rules. Formal historical costume, Elegant Gothic Lolita/Aristocrat outfits, and other elegant cosplay outfits will be acceptable.  If there is a character you absolutely love, but their outfit doesn’t fit the rules, you can either convert their outfit to fit the rules or plan to bring a different outfit. Anime Boston has a fantastic guide for those who choose to convert characters to formal dress. Crossplay will be allowed if it is done seriously and if the attire adheres to the rules.

Please see the section on Props, Wings, etc. for more information related to cosplay.

Steampunk Attire

Steampunk-influenced Victorian/Edwardian-based outfits are all welcome as long as all parts of the outfit are formal and meet our guidelines (see Traditional Western dress for more examples). As always, we ask that you please refrain from bringing large, bulky props or accessories with protruding edges that may catch on others’ clothes on the dance floor.

Acceptable Steampunk attire:

Unacceptable Steampunk attire:

These outfits are too casual.

This outfit would be acceptable without the bulky accessories and weapon prop.

Skirt Length

Skirt length is often a hot topic among those attending a ball. We ask that all those wearing a skirt to please be reasonable about the length. Skirts should be at least knee length, give or take a few inches. We realize that skirts may not fit the same way on everyone depending on their height, but please aim for modesty. We won’t have a ruler out to check the length at the door, but we will make sure we won’t have to worry about you flashing the crowd accidentally. Slits in skirts must be no higher than mid-thigh. Short pants (knee length, as in kodona or boy-style Lolita fashion) will be allowed if the rest of the attire fits the rules.

Props, wings, etc.

While we would love to allow large props and wings, we ask that you do not bring them to prevent damage to them or injury to yourself or others. For safety reasons, large and bulky costumes such as mascot suits or mecha will not be allowed, even if they are wearing formal attire. Fursuits or any other costume with a mask that covers your whole head thereby impairing your vision (including kigurumi) will not be allowed for the same reason. Canes may be carried if required for mobility assistance.

We ask that you do not bring weapon props into the Masquerade Ball. If you have weapon props attached to your costume, please remove them before attending our event.

Wigs in all colors are permitted as long as they are neat and tidy, as would be expected of real hair.

Personal Hygiene

I know this can be a taboo subject for many a con-goer, but this is a fancy occasion. Please put EXTRA effort into personal hygiene. Take a shower before you get dressed. Brush your teeth. Use mouth wash, gum, or a mint. Use lots of deodorant! However, do not drench yourself in body spray, perfume, or cologne. Use it sparingly if you have to at all – others may be allergic to or be sensitive to strong scents.


If you would like to take pictures and you are already attending the event, go ahead! Photographers with press badges may enter without costume as long as they are documenting the event. Anyone else, even with a camera, must wear appropriate attire to be allowed into the dance.

If you have any questions about any of the rules feel free to ask in the forums.

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