June 6 – 8 , 2014 at The Hilton Anatole Dallas

Touhou at A-Kon!

Touhou at A-Kon!










A-Kon® is proud to announce that we are currently in the first planning phases of bringing Touhou related activities to A-Kon® 25.  As a first step, we are asking that qualified panelists who are interested in running Touhou related panels at A-Kon® please contact us at akon.touhou@gmail.com for a list of our requirements.

We have also created a new Twitter channel, @AkonTouhou, both as a way of sending out more detailed updates as things progress, and as a way of gauging fan interest in Touhou related programming  at A-Kon®,  based on the level of audience following the channel.

More updates to come…

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