Hi, I’m Mike Battle Executive Director of Phoenix Entertainment Media Group, LLC. and A-Kon.

So, I was asked to write an intro or something. Well, here it is in all it’s luster. Sure, I could talk about my time as Exec. Director (I won’t bore you), but I’ll just post this.

OK here it is; I build things, I don’t write things. I have never been particularly interested or interesting when I write. Just ask my High School Senior English teacher. (As an aside, she was a fantastic teacher, and I owe her a lot !) I was able to write, I just never met a deadline to save my life. I guess  some type of “block” developed when I had to write something. Whatever.

However, I build things, lots of things. Web Sites (One of which you are reading this on (not the software, but the site in general)). Models, Lego Cities, Model Railroads (well, not recently), collections, libraries, and a few other things I can tinker with (socializing).  I like to let what I do speak for me as opposed to speaking about what I do (introversion thing, I’m working on it).





So. Just stare at this image I found and enjoy your life. I’m enjoying mine.

and no, I did not create that Tumblr. Here’s mine.