FansConference2We are excited to announce the creation of a new organization dedicated to the study and appreciation of all fandom and media products and phenomena: the Fandom and Neomedia Studies (FANS) Conference.

Fandom for us includes all aspects of being a fan, ranging from being a passive audience member to producing one’s own parafictive or interfictive creations.  Neomedia includes both new media as it is normally thought of as well as new ways of using and conceptualizing old media.

Ours is an interdisciplinary group, including historians, psychologists, geologists, writers, and independent scholars.  We welcome contributions from all disciplines and from all levels of academic achievement.  To that end, we have a rolling CFP for reviews and will soon begin publication of The Phoenix Papers as an online peer-reviewed journal.  This journal will include reviews, full papers, and also the  of papers presented at our annual conference.

If you have any questions, wish to submit a review, have any general thoughts or suggestions, or want to join our committee, please visit the FANS Contact Us page.