Public Notice

Participation in A-Kon®  activities, including (but not limited to) panel programming, autographs, concerts, dances, dealer’s room, exhibits, art show,  and banquets, requires purchase of an A-Kon® membership.

A-Kon® is a private production of Phoenix Entertainment Media Group and is NOT affiliated with the Hilton Anatole. We reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE for any reason.

Failure to comply with A-Kon® regulations, including (but not limited to) the Weapons policy, Bootleg policy, Adult Merchandise policy, as well as other local, state, and federal laws may result in the forfeiture of convention membership privileges and warrant the involvement of applicable law enforcement personnel.

Photographs and video of A-Kon® participants WILL be taken during A-Kon® activities.  Your participation in these activities implies your consent to be photographed or recorded.  If you prefer not to be photographed or recorded, please remove yourself from the photography/recording area.