A limited number of people will be allowed to take pictures with prior approval only. These people will be cleared in advance, subject to label approval. A list of who is authorized to take pictures can be provided. Members of the press can be provided authorized concert photos upon request.

Since this is a standing and dancing style concert, taking pictures in the crowd could be dangerous, so please just enjoy the show. It is going to be really dark and the pictures wont turn out anyway, unless you have a professional camera setup, which if you have that much money to blow on equipment then you are a pro and need to have official permission. So, if you are thinking about any type of recording –> DON’T.


Signs are not allowed in any shape, form or fashion unless it is an INTEGRAL part of a cosplay (meaning the character is unknown without a sign.)  This includes, but is not limited to cardboard, poster board, notebook paper, or clothing you have written things such as “hug me”, “glomp me”, or any other request to be touched in any way.

APPROVAL FOR SIGNS USED IN COSPLAY SKITS MUST BE OBTAINED FROM COSPLAY STAFF. If approval has not been obtained, you may be asked ONCE to dispose of the sign. If it is not put away (such as in your room or car), it may be removed by Kon Patrol and disposed of. Phoenix Entertainment, A-Kon®, and the Anatole Hotel take no responsibility for damages to these unapproved signs if they are determined to be in violation of this rule.

Guest Appearances

While Phoenix Entertainment takes pride in bringing you the best available talent in anime-related entertainment, and our guests schedule their appearances in good faith, circumstances beyond our control may intervene at any time. Guests scheduled to appear may be unable to attend at the last minute; Phoenix Entertainment does not guarantee their attendance and is not responsible for last-minute cancellations. Every reasonable effort will be made to keep you informed of cancellations as soon as we are aware of them.

Main Programing Space

While your membership includes admission to each day’s concerts, musical events, and scheduled popular programming such as Opening Ceremonies or CosPlay, we can not guarantee you will all fit in the door. Space is limited, show up early. Please consider watching the re-broadcast of select events on A-Kon® TV, channel 3. However, musical acts reserve the right to forbid re-broadcast of their events.

Meet ‘N Greet

Guests will move from table to table, so you will have a limited amount of time with each guest in attendance. This policy protects you from the reservations of no-shows. Seating assignments are made on a first-come/first-served basis. Please present your ticket to the Info Desk on site at the Kon as soon as possible beginning Friday morning at 10:00am. Your reserved seat will be guaranteed and marked with a sticker on your badge. Once the badge is marked, you are set.

Watch Your Stuff!!

Because we are at a location with a rapid turnover of people and events, theft can happen more easily than usual. Thieves dressed in suits, work uniforms, or even those among our own ranks could be looking to make a quick getaway with laptops, video equipment, etc. Small items, such as collectible card games and sacks, are especially vulnerable. Please be extra cautious. We can not stress this enough. Neither Phoenix Entertainment nor the Anatole Hotel will accept responsibility for your losses.

No Smoking at A-Kon®

Because of the Dallas ordinance banning smoking in restaurants, hotels, or public places, don’t be surprised if we or the Hotel enforces these guidelines. The hotel is non-smoking.  Join the mass of Smokers outside. You can request a room that allows smoking if you wish when you place your room reservations with the Hotel.

ATM Machines

ATM Machines are available at the hotel, but past experience indicates they will run out of cash early. Please be aware of this problem. Ask the hotel concierge or Hotel Info desk for locations of nearby banks.


All refunds must be requested before MAY 1. Any refund requests will not be honored after MAY 1, 2015.


Should your vehicle be towed because you parked in an undesignated area, A-Kon® will not be responsible for the charges or towing. Look for signs that indicate correct parking areas.

Blog Posts

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of Phoenix Entertainment, A-Kon, or any of its subsidiaries or its sponsors.