Welcome to A-Kon 26

at the Hilton Anatole Dallas

A-Kon 26 Charity Banquet with the Stars!

A-KON 26 CHARITY BANQUET WITH THE STARS! Charity has taken over the Sunday Banquet with the Stars! Join us from 11:00pm-2:00pm, Sunday for a delicious brunch with many of our wonderful guests, fun, games, charity, and giveaways! All proceeds from the event will now be... read more

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Dare you enter the Goblin Market!

Dare you enter the Goblin Market!

An unspeakable darkness that refuses to be banished by something so simple as switching on the lights. Hungry yellow eyes stare from almost human faces. Fluttering movement in the shadows. The tinkling sound of broken mirrors and whispered promises. The Goblin Market...
Why We Love ScrewAttack (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love ScrewAttack (And You Should, Too!)

ScrewAttack has been rocking the face of the internet for the past 9 years, and has recently begun making video games. Since then, we have been busy helping passionate, independent developers publish, develop, and promote their amazing ideas. With four titles to date,...
Crossing the Streams Is always a (Glenn) Gamble

Crossing the Streams Is always a (Glenn) Gamble

Glenn Gamble is a 12 year veteran of the game industry. He has worked on over 12 shipped titles such as Ghostbusters the Video Game (PS3/Xbox360), Brain and Zombie  (iOS/Android),  and Destiny (PS4/Box0ne).  His job experience has also been equally as diverse as he...


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