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What is J-Fashion?
Short for "Japanese fashion", J-Fashion encompasses all the fashion-forward styles directly from the streets of Japan. Popular J-Fashion styles include lolita, kogai, decora, visual kei, gyaru, ganguro, Oshare kei, fairy kei, and more!

Our new Japanese Fashion Track will include panels, a wonderful opportunity for fun, fashion and community at the Lolita Tea Party and J-Fashion Show with multiple types of styles represented!.

Lolita Tea Party
The tea party and luncheon for lolitas to gather and mingle with one another! This year's theme: a Venetian Royal Masquerade! Lolita and ouji/boystyle dress code is mandatory.

Lolita and J-Fashion Showcase
Interested in Japanese fashion? Want to learn more about the different lolita and harajuku styles? Come watch the Japanese Fashion Showcase, featuring various brands, models and fellow fashion enthusiasts! Additional information will be available soon.

J-Fashion Swap Meet
Looking for your dream dress? Not sure what to do with that massive bonnet you just couldn’t cord? The J-Fashion Swap meet may be for you! Come trade items from your closet for some new additions - catered towards lolita and Japanese fashion.

Lolita Meet-Up
Meet and mingle with your fellow lolitas and fashion enthusiasts! Say hello to old friends and come make new ones!

Panels, Panels, Panels
This year we are adding an entire track of programming dedication to J-Fashion! You’ll have plenty to keep yourself immersed in fashion all weekend long!

Venue Info

Fort Worth Convention Center
A-Kon® 28 at the Fort Worth Convention Center

The Fort Worth Convention Center is within walking distance of thousands of downtown Fort Worth hotel rooms, a variety of delicious restaurants and fabulous shopping. It offers more than 250,000 square feet of exhibit space, nearly 60,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, an impressive 28,160 square-foot ballroom, a 13,500 person events arena, and a 55,000 square foot events plaza that connects to the one-of-a-kind Fort Worth Water Gardens.

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