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Lolita Tea Party

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Lolita Tea Party

Lolita Tea Party

Ticket Sales

Hey fashionists! Surprise!!! TICKETS FOR THE TEA PARTY ARE AVAILABLE!!

If you have yet to pre-register for the convention, you still have time - you can add the tea party ticket to your badge purchase here:

If you are PARTICIPATING IN A GROUP ORDER FOR BADGES - please see the person in charge of the group order. They will need to follow the instructions from the confirmation email in order to add a ticket onto the purchase for you.

FOR APPROVED PANELISTS AND CONVENTION VOLUNTEERS - if you're approved and signed up to receive a badge through the convention but wish to attend the tea party, please send an email to: entitled "Panelist Reserved Seats" with your full name, badge name, and panel or volunteer department information, as your purchase will be handled separately.

Dress Code/FAQ

The Lolita Tea Party takes place on Friday, June 3rd, from 5-7PM. This is a formal affair, meaning Lolita and formal aristocratic fashion is required for attendance.

What qualifies as Lolita fashion?
Lolita fashion, including the boystyle versions ouji and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, is a style that originated in the Harajuku district of Japan. The clothing is made of high quality materials and tend to lean more towards a modest style of dress in the feminine aspects, holding a cupcake-like or A-lined shape to the skirts with a petticoat for shape, giving it almost a princess-like appearance. For masculine attire, outfits should be refined and fitting, usually also containing ruffles or details. Outfits should be well-fitting and non-revealing. Shoes should be clean and dressed up as well, meaning no sneakers, sandals, or combat boots. Hair must be clean and styled as well, whether it is natural or a wig.

Different lolita substyles are allowed as well. Outside of just sweet, gothic, and classic, you may also wear sailor, hime, country, etc.

Cosplay is not allowed at this event.
This means no Alice cosplay (though Alice-themed coordinates are acceptable), Mana/Jrock cosplay, yukatas/kimonos, seifuku and school uniforms, or lolita-inspired character-specific attire.

If you have a question on if something is acceptable, feel free to ask on the Facebook Event page or send an email to

Do I have to wear brand?
You do not. The event is open to any brand, indie brand, or handmade outfits. We encourage all attendees to support our guests by donning something created by one of our guests, but this is not a requirement. However, we request that you please refrain from wearing any replicas or low-quality pieces.

What is the theme?
It's Venetian Royal Masquerade! Think of masked balls and evening galas!

Is the theme required?
The theme is optional! We don't require anyone to wear masks and whatnot, but we encourage participation if you're able!

How do I purchase tickets?
See section on Ticket Sales above for information.
Lolita Tea Party

Venue Info

Fort Worth Convention Center
A-Kon® 28 at the Fort Worth Convention Center

The Fort Worth Convention Center is within walking distance of thousands of downtown Fort Worth hotel rooms, a variety of delicious restaurants and fabulous shopping. It offers more than 250,000 square feet of exhibit space, nearly 60,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, an impressive 28,160 square-foot ballroom, a 13,500 person events arena, and a 55,000 square foot events plaza that connects to the one-of-a-kind Fort Worth Water Gardens.

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