A-Kon Weapon/Prop Policy


Props, Prop Weapons and Replica Weapons used as props must be carried in a safe manner that will not endanger or alarm other convention attendees. Violation of this rule may subject the attendee to charges of disorderly conduct and/or weapons charges under Texas Penal Code Chapter 42 and Chapter 46.

Notwithstanding any other regulation or instruction; A-Kon, Phoenix Entertainment and their designated representatives reserve the right to disallow any prop or replica weapon at their discretion. Refusal to comply with said instruction will be cause for removal from the convention.

Attending A-Kon or any of its activities serves as notice that the attendee has read and agrees to abide by all policies and instructions as given.


! Important Note to CHL/LTC holders !:

NO REAL FIREARMS will be permitted as part of a cosplay regardless of functionality. ANY Lawfully carried handguns under authority of a CHL/LTC issued by the State of Texas or by another state recognized by the State of Texas must remain concealed if participating in cosplay. Failure to conceal lawfully carried handguns will result in FWPD checking you repeatedly for licenses and possibly being considered a threat. Handling or posing with a handgun will most certainly bring charges under Texas Penal Code 42.01(8) and may carry much more serious consequences.

A licensee is solely responsible for obeying all laws and valid postings on private property and surrounding events. Be aware that Sheraton is posted in compliance with both TPC 30.06 and 30.07. However, any business can decide to post against concealed or open carry at a moment’s notice, whether permanently or temporarily.

Nothing contained here or elsewhere in this policy may be construed as legal advice; nor may it be used as a legal standard in any cases arising from the improper carrying of a handgun or any other props used while attending A-Kon.

Prop, Curio, Replica and Toy Firearms

  • No functioning replica or toy capable of firing a projectile, explosive cap or blank cartridge will be allowed unless the action or mechanism is disabled.
    • Airsoft, Nerf and Paintball weapons must be disabled and no air puffs or other discharge should be detected on testing.
    • Tampering with any toy or replica weapon with the intent or the appearance of intent to restore functionality is grounds for removal from the convention.
    • It is ILLEGAL to black out or remove a blaze orange tip from any toy or replica weapon so equipped.
  • Prop, model or replica firearms, once approved, must remain holstered, slung or stowed unless posing for pictures or in cosplay events.
  • Under NO circumstances may any prop toy or replica firearm be pointed at attendees or A-Kon staff. Violators are subject to charges of “Disorderly Conduct” under TPC 42.01(8).

It is understood that “realistic” prop, model, replica or toy firearms are subject to inspection at the discretion of Kon Patrol, A-Kon Staff or Fort Worth Police whether or not it has been previously approved.

Props and Prop Weapons Overview

    • Staffs, canes, shepherd hooks or any pole type props must be carried in a vertical position whenever moving through any convention space.
    • If posing for photos or in Cosplay Events it is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure there is ample room to safely execute the pose.
    • Over sized props MAY be directed to weapons check at the discretion of Kon Patrol or other A-Kon official to ensure the attendee understands safe handling practices and/or has a party member to act as lookout.
    • Abrupt edges or points on rigid or semi rigid props need to be rounded either by shaping or the addition of some type of point covering.
    • Prop Arrows and Bolts must not have any type of rigid or sharpened head and should not be nocked (placed on string as if to fire).
    • Bows must be carried either unstrung or with the bow string peace tied to prevent drawing.
    • Crossbows must be unstrung OR have the Nut (Rolling Release), Retention Spring or Latch removed AND be peace tied to prevent drawing of the string.

Bladed Weapons

  • Metallic, ceramic or otherwise rigid shuriken, other throwing blade, chain whips, et al are illegal and WILL NOT BE ALLOWED under ANY circumstances.
  • Swords, Daggers and Knives over 5 ½ inches in length are illegal weapons in the State of Texas and are not allowed to be carried in public unless used in an activity where, “the weapon is a type commonly used in the activity” such as theatrical and reenactment events.
    • ANY metal sword or knife used as part of a costume must be “peace tied” and shall not be removed from their sheath, scabbard or container for any reason.
    • Steel and replica weapons purchased at the convention must remain packaged and transported directly to your room or vehicle. The exception is if the weapon is integral to and purchased for your cosplay, it may be brought to a Kon Patrol Weapons Check Station to be opened and peace tied.
    • Approval to carry any steel weapon as part of a cosplay is solely at the discretion of A-Kon, Phoenix entertainment, Kon Patrol and designated staff. ANY weapon may be denied for any reason.
  • Wooden, Foam or practice swords and knives must remain sheathed or belted unless posing or participating in a cosplay event.
  • Any posing must be conducted in a safe and courteous manner.
  • Any wielding or handling other than posing or cosplay participation will be considered unsafe and is cause for removal from A-Kon and/or charges of disorderly conduct where appropriate.

Blunt Force Prop Weapons

  • A “club” is defined as, “an instrument that is specially designed, made, or adapted for the purpose of inflicting serious bodily injury or death by striking a person”.   Examples from Texas Penal Code 46.01 include:
    • Nightstick
    • Black Jack
    • Mace {Nunchaku, Flail, Morning Star, etc.}
    • Tomahawk {Battle Axes, Indian Club, etc.}
  • Carrying a club or any blunt force weapons as described is illegal and WILL NOT be allowed into the convention under ANY circumstances.
  • Prop, foam, practice and lightweight replicas will be allowed provided:
    • They remain sheathed, belted or stowed when moving through any convention space.
    • Any posing/cosplay participation is conducted safely and courteously.
  • Any such weapons purchased at the convention must remain packaged and be transported to your room or vehicle without delay.
  • Any display, wielding or use of prop weapons is cause for removal from the convention and/or subject to charges of disorderly conduct under Texas Penal Code – Chapter 42.

Weapons Check

Weapons check stations will be situated in various locations throughout the convention space. Ask any staff member and they will direct you to the closest one. You are required to go to weapons check if your costume includes any of the mandatory items or at the discretion of Kon Patrol, an A-Kon official or their designee.

  • MANDATORY Check Items Include:
    • Realistic or formerly functioning prop, replica or toy firearms.
    • Metal swords or rigid (heavy) weapons.
    • Bows that are carried strung and (non functioning) crossbows.
    • ANY replica, practice or foam blunt force weapons including bats, Nightsticks, Nunchaku, Mace, Chain Whip et al.
    • ANY prop that Kon Patrol or A-Kon Officials determine needs to be checked.
  • Items NOT Requiring Mandatory Checks Include:
    • Walking and Mage Staffs, Shepherd Crooks or Canes.
    • Obviously fantasy based, inert or harmless props, weapons and firearms.
    • Training and Practice Firearms (Solid polymer and/or colored models).
    • ANY Prop or Weapon may be subjected to weapons check at the discretion of Kon Patrol or A-Kon Staff.

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