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Next Price: $70

4-Day Child


(Ages 6-12)


A-Kon 31 registrations have been temporarily suspended due to the postponement of the event to 2021 and will re-open soon for the new dates.


Over the last several weeks, we have been carefully monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the potential impact on A-Kon 31. After consulting with healthcare officials, experts, the City of Dallas, our international associates, our partners, and our staff, we have made the difficult decision to postpone A-Kon 31. We’re still working out details with the city, but our new dates will tentatively be June 24th – 27th, 2021.

Ultimately, we feel that we have a responsibility to our attendees, artists, talent, dealers, industry, and staff to do anything that we can to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect our community – especially those that are part of the immunocompromised or at-risk populations.

After reviewing the evaluations provided to us by those experienced in the medical and emergency response fields, we have determined that it isn’t realistic for a fandom convention of our size to maintain the necessary social distancing, hygiene, and quarantine recommendations currently being set forth by the experts.

This was a very difficult decision for us, but we will be pushing forward and expanding plans so that we come back strong in 2021 with an incredible A-Kon 31. We hope you all stay healthy and happy through this year so we can see you next year for an amazing event!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Postponement FAQ & Update

Has A-Kon 31 been cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus?

Yes. A-Kon 31 has been postponed until June 24th – 27th, 2021. A-Kon 31 will still be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center located in downtown Dallas, TX.

Please see the official announcement here.

I have already registered for A-Kon 31, what do I do now?

For attendees that have already registered for A-Kon 31, we are offering the two options listed below.

Option 1:

An automatic transfer of your A-Kon 31 registration to the new 2021 dates. No action from you will be required.

Included in this option is:

Option 2:

A refund of your registration, excluding service fees, within 12 weeks time. Refunds must be requested at before May 20th, 2020. Please be aware that registration prices for 2021 will not be reset, so if you are refunded an early-bird or discounted price, we will not be able to apply that price to any future purchases.

I purchased a DreamHack x A-Kon registration, is that eligible for rollover?

Unfortunately we are unable to rollover Dreamhack x A-Kon registrations. While we are very excited to team up with DreamHack in 2020, currently our 2021 event dates do not align. It is our hope that we will be able to sync up and run a similar program in future years.

If you purchased a DreamHack x A-Kon registration, you may request a refund by emailing All DreamHack x A-Kon registrations are also eligible for rollover perks provided an A-Kon 31 registration is purchased. If you purchased an DreamHack x A-Kon registration and wish to be eligible for the A-Kon 31 rollover perks, please email your original DreamHack x A-Kon receipt along with your A-Kon 31 registration confirmation to by December 31, 2020.

I booked a hotel room for 2020, what do I do now?

If you booked an A-Kon hotel room through the Hotel’s for Hope Booking portal, then Hotels for Hope
will be reaching out to you directly in regards to your reservation. You can also reach them if you have any questions at:

Hotels for Hope
(512) 691-9555
Mon-Fri | 8am- 5:30pm

If your reservations were made outside of the A-Kon booking portal, you will need to contact that hotel or booking group directly.

I was really looking forward to one of the guests you have already announced. Will they be at A-Kon 31 in 2021?

We are already working with our guests and agents for 2021 and are planning to extend offers to every guest who has already been announced. Provided the guests are free and available to join us for those dates, we will have them for you! No matter what happens, we’ll have an incredible line-up for our community and we will plan on re-releasing the lineup once details are sorted out.

I was accepted for the Artist Alley in 2020, will I still be eligible for 2021?

All artists accepted in 2020 for our Artist Alley are still accepted for A-Kon 31 and will receive first right of refusal for a table in 2021. All accepted artists will not be required to re-apply or be juried a second time, but they will be required to respond to a confirmation that we will send out in January of 2021 to claim their table. In the meantime, invoices for 2021 tables will not be sent until we are closer to the 2021 date.

For artists who were not accepted in 2020, we will be re-opening the application process in early 2021 for applicants for any open tables that are either unclaimed or are still open. Additionally, we will not be transferring the waitlist, so any artists who are currently waitlisted must reapply in 2021.

If you have any questions, please email

I signed up to be a dealer in 2020, what do I do now?

All dealers currently accepted for 2020 will have their deposits automatically rolled forward for the 2021 event and the rate for their booth(s) locked in at the current 2020 rate regardless of any price increases that may occur in 2021. Any dealers who have final balances that would be due prior to the 2020 event will also have their payment deadlines extended to reflect the new dates.

If you have any questions, please email

I signed up to be a panelist in 2020, what do I do now?

The panelist application form will be reset for the 2021 year. We will be asking all panelists to re-apply when the form opens again, and will send an email to everyone who applied in 2020 to let them know when the form is open for 2021.

If you have any questions, please email

I have applied to be press in 2020, what do I do now?

Press applications will re-open closer to the 2021 event. If you have any questions in regards to your press application, or are interested in learning more, please email