Byndo Gehk

Byndo Gehk has been rampant among the cosplay scene for years, starting her creative journey back in 2009 at Otakon. As a cosplayer, partnered streamer, and gamer enthusiast she creates many of her own original designs and has brought to life characters from Pokemon, Final Fantasy, League of Legends, Mario, Borderlands, and way too  many more. Promoting love, creativity, self-expression, and being excellent to each other while dancing poorly is what she's all about, actively trying to inspire others to pursue what makes them happy in life.
Most recently a cosplay contest guest judge at Battle on the Strip in Las Vegas, she attends upwards of eleven or more conventions a year all across the US while sprinkling candy and silliness all throughout. Even while she isn't traveling for in-person meetups she'll regularly jump on her Twitch stream to show a step by step creative process of every stitch and paint brush stroke on whatever cosplay project she's currently working on, usually wrapped up by some extremely pro, and not at all horrible, Overwatch skills.