Kawaii Bro Cosplay

Zayan sent us a really nice note to post to everyone. Instead of a bio, we’re going to post it for you.

“My name is Zayan AKA Kawaii Bro Cosplay! I'm a cosplayer from Houston, Texas. I started cosplay as a hobby in 2016, and instantly fell in love with it! I've met so many amazing people and made such great experiences because of cosplay, so it’s hard not to love it. I've definitely taken a preference to gender bend cosplays such as my Widowmaker, Lucoa, and Ahri cosplays. I prefer these types of cosplays because I like trying to bring down gender roles and barriers. Two of my most notable cosplays in this area have been with my Virgin Killer Sweater photoshoot and with my gender bend Lucoa cosplay. I am truly honored to be allowed to guest here at A-KON and this would never have happened if it weren't for all my wonderful friends and fans who asked to see me here, so THANK YOU ALL!”