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The Art Show is for finished art and projects, whether they be fan-based or original. We accept both two and three-dimensional artwork done in the themes of Anime, video games, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and variations thereof (see rules for full list). Fan art is allowed if it’s not a direct copy of a copyrighted image. Entries are only accepted in person at the convention during art drop-off times. You must be able to pick-up your artwork on Sun between 2:30-3:30pm.

Time Information:
Artist Check-In –
Thursday 9:00AM – 5:00 PM

  • Friday:
    Artist Check In: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    Attendee: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

  • Saturday
    Attendee: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    ART AUCTION! 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


  • Sunday
    Open to attendee: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

  • Be Able to pick up your work during open hours Sunday

Please read ALL of the entry rules.

A-kon Art Show Rules

Terms and Conditions for Entries

  • Entries will be accepted in the themes of Anime/Manga, Asian culture, Video Games, Science Fiction, and Fantasy.

  • All artwork must be minimum matted for display, please remember we are not responsible for any damage for hanging so please prepare wisely.

  • The Art Show is for unique, single pieces of artwork; not bulk sale. You may attach a small card with your info on it, but you cannot do mass sales/bulk print sales through Art Show. See Artist Alley for that.

  • Prints are allowed, but you may only have one of each individual piece in the show.They must state the number of the print (example 40/1000 or unlimited)

  • All pieces entered must be original artwork. Fan art is allowed if it’s an original design/scene/pose, no direct copies of an anime/manga image.

  • Sewing, cross-stitch, needlepoint pieces must your own design, nothing using a pre-existing pattern or a kit is allowed.

  • Artists will be provided bid sheets for their artwork and must be filled in with the artist’s name, title of the piece, and medium. If the piece is fan art credit must be given to the original material, creator or studio.

  • Adult Section -We will also have an 18+ section this year, but space is limited!  As long as you have a panel/table purchased in the main area, you may place up to 5 pieces in the Adult section.

  • Courtesy Panel – We will have a panel in which, as long as you have a table in the Artist Alley or Dealer’s Room area, you may place one piece of original (no prints, no unlimited prints) artwork up for $1.(attach your business card too!)  If you’re nervous about being in the Art Show, this is a GREAT way to test the waters and get your name out there, as well as promote cross traffic between the two areas!


Flat Artwork

  • All 2-D, flat artwork must be mounted, matted, or framed. You must use heavy stock mattes, foam board, or frames; you may not use construction paper or thin paper backings.

  • Matted/Mounted pieces will be suspended with clips or hooks. Please prepare your pieces accordingly.

  • Entries must be mounted or otherwise suitable for hanging. If a piece is deemed unsuitable, as determined by the Art Show staff, it will not be allowed in the show. We will provide hooks and clips to hang your works, however, we will not be held responsible for any damage to any artwork that is not made suitable for hanging by the artist.

  • For safety reasons, we will not allow any submissions that contain glass that cannot be hung with hooks, nor will we allow any submissions to sit on the floor (All Glass submissions must have a table or half table purchase)

  • Any work that requires special care or display apparatus will need to be provided by the artist.

  • These requirements are to ensure the safety of the patrons and the artwork.



Clay, wood, metal, etc. All free-standing 3-D works should have good support. These pieces will be placed on available table space and at the cost of table pricing rather than panel pricing


Other 3D Mediums

Amigarum/plushies, knitted/crochet pieces, and paper crafts must all come from your own design. Items that are made from a pre-existing pattern will not be permitted.


Copyrighted materials

Any direct copy of official art, screenshot, or other fan art is prohibited. Budding artists use this as a tool for learning, but it is still a violation of copyright.

Any piece that is determined to be of this nature will be removed from display and returned to the artist. This policy will be effective for ALL artists.


Fees and Participation

There is a $10 panel fee if you pre-register, $15 at the door, tables are $15 if you pre-register and $25 at the door.  Half tables are available for $8 (pre-reg) and $15 (at the door) Please check with to see if they are available first.


If you cannot join us and need to mail in your pieces, we charge a $10 fee to set up your art.  Please provide a layout image of how you’d like your art laid out on the 4×4 pegboard panel.


We also have a $10 setup fee if you ‘drop and run’


If you have an agent that represents you, they will need to hang your art or the fee will still need to be paid.


We encourage our artists to stay and hang their art so the staff can get to know the person behind the magic, which helps us better assist customers when it comes to questions.  (Please plan for 30 minutes – hour out of your con experience to hang your art!)


We also have a $5 per piece NFS fee.  We all have artwork we are scared to part with for the wrong price or a piece we are extremely proud of that we want to show off.  However, this art show is designed to be for buying and not for displaying.  We encourage you to price pieces like these in the price range you believe they’re worth or ‘too’ high where you believe they won’t sell.


Commission 10% of sales


Participation in the show is open to all convention attendees, as well as any member of the convention staff or volunteer crew, or members of the public who mail in their items or have secured an agent who will be attending the show.


You must have a convention badge to enter the show.


Selling Art

It is up to you, the seller of the art, to determine how much you want to sell your art for.

If you wish to sell your art, then you must clearly mark a Sale or Minimum Bid price.

Please be aware that once you set a price you must sell that piece at that price if there is a bid placed. Just as a buyer cannot flake on their bid, you cannot take back or change a sell price or the piece of art once that bid is met.


Artist Pick-up

The time for artists to come in and pick up any art that did not sale over the weekend on Sunday from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

Please note that if your work sells, it’s sold and that’s that.

Art may only be entered by the artists themselves, or by an agent/proxy acting on behalf of the artist. The agent information on the sign-in sheet will apply to any person who enters art on behalf of an artist, and/or picks up art on the artist’s behalf.

We will not release any art to anyone other than the artists themselves or the agent acting on behalf of the artist listed on the sign-in sheet.

You must have ID with you to pick up art!

Any art that is not picked up by either the artist or the agent by 3:30 PM on Sunday, or had made previous arrangements will become property of A-Kon and will be disposed of at the discretion of and in a manner chosen by the Convention staff.



The Art Show staff will safeguard all entries within their ability. However, the Art Show staff, A-Kon, Fort Worth Convention Center and all organizational staff will not be held responsible for any damage or loss.

The staff will be allowed to handle the entries to transport them any items that have received enough bids to go to auction to the Art Auction location.

If any mishandling by convention members is observed, please report it to the Art Show staff!

Artists or attendees found to be willfully breaking the rules will be banned from the A-Kon Art Show.

The Art Show staff reserves the right to disallow any submissions for any reason. Although we will do our best to be reasonable about submissions, please keep in mind all copyright laws and restrictions.