A-Kon FastPass

The A-Kon FastPass is a great way to enhance your experience at A-Kon with select priority and VIP features.  This year’s FastPass includes the following amenities:

  • Enjoy A-Kon faster with priority registration line access.  FastPass holders have their own VIP line at registration for badge pickup.  While there may be a small wait, it is rarely more than 15 minutes.
  • Have more opportunities to connect with the guests you want to.  FastPass holders will be granted special access to their very own autograph sessions for select guests.  Have you had trouble getting an autograph you really wanted?  Get a FastPass and you’ll have an extra chance to get an autograph from those hard to reach guests.
  • Get exclusive access to the Exhibit Hall. Looking to get a head start on shopping?  FastPass holders receive 30 minute early admittance and exclusive access to the Dealers, Artist Alley and Guest Alley areas of the event each day.  That’s 90 minutes of exclusive access to find that perfect collectible you’ve been looking for.  As an improvement to this feature, we are creating a special VIP entrance for this perk so FastPass holder will not longer have to content with the large lines that form at the entry way.
  • Get priority access into the Masquerade Ball.  FastPass holders will be given 30 minute priority check and entry to the Masquerade Ball, plus a priority line all evening so you can avoid waiting in line if you need to arrive late or would like to come and go.  As an improvement to this feature, we are creating a special VIP entrance for this perk so FastPass holder will not longer have to content with the large lines that form at the entry way.  Don’t forget this event has a dress code for everyone – even FastPass holders!
  • Early entry and priority seating for main events.  Are you looking to get that perfect seat for the concert, cosplay contest or j-fashion show?  FastPass holders receive priority entry through a VIP entrance before the start of each main event.  This allows FastPass holders to claim the seats they want before the crowd is let in.  Events that are currently included with this perk are:  Arena Concerts, Singer/Songwriter Showcase, Cosplay Contest, and the J-Fashion Show.  Additional events will be added as they are announced.  Check back here for updated details.
  • Support a great cause.  FastPass holders are able to give back to our community by simply purchasing the A-Kon FastPass.  A portion of our proceeds earned from the A-Kon FastPass are donated directly to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.
  • Receive exclusive collectible merchandise.  FastPass holders will also receive a special limited edition artwork badge.  This badge is a collectible that can only be earned by contributing to our selected charity for the year.  These badges are beautiful and feature a custom design done by a special artist each year.

Have questions?  See if we’ve answered them below.  If not, there’s an email at the bottom.

This looks cool.  How do I get an A-Kon FastPass?

The A-Kon FastPass is available for purchase when you register for A-Kon or when you purchase your membership onsite. Quantities are limited so don’t miss out!

I’ve already registered.  Can I still get a FastPass?

Don’t worry. If you have already pre-registered, you can add an A-Kon FastPass by clicking on the link provided in your confirmation email, selecting Update Activities (bottom left) and selecting one of the FastPass options and checking out again.

I’ve lost my registration confirmation email.  What do I do now?

No problem.  You can request it again from our registration page here. (Just scroll down and click on where it says ‘Request Registration Confirmation Email’)  If you were registered as part of your group, the group the group leader will have received the confirmation email and will be able to help you add the feature.

I’m still having trouble getting my FastPass, what else can I do?

If you are having trouble purchasing a FastPass from our registration system, please contact Registration Support at registration@a-kon.com.

How much does the A-Kon FastPass cost?

The A-Kon FastPass is an add-on to your event badge that costs $40.

Do you offer discounts for the A-Kon FastPass?

The only way to obtain a discount on the A-Kon FastPass is to purchase the A-Kon FastPass and Charity Banquet with the Stars bundle which is available from our registration portal now for $99.00.  (A 17% discount off the price if each were ordered individually.)

If I purchase an A-Kon FastPass can my friends use it too?

No.  FastPass perks may only be used by the FastPass holder.   If your entire group wants to take advantage of the FastPass benefits, each member will need to purchase an A-Kon FastPass.

Last year I was able to do X with my FastPass, this year that perk is not listed.  Why?

Each year we evaluate the impact of the FastPass and make adjustments to improve the experience for everyone, including non-FastPass holders.  In every case, we work hard to ensure we never remove a perk, but sometimes we have to make changes to them to avoid causing issues with safety, line control or obstruction of experience for others.

Is priority access to panels included in the FastPass perks?

At the current time, no.  It’s always possible we’ll add this perk selectively as we form the schedule for this year.  If we do, the specific panels supporting a FastPass perk will be listed above.  If it is not listed above, then there is no FastPass benefit for it this year.

If I purchase a FastPass will I get priority access to everything?

No.  All FastPass perks are listed above and there are no hidden FastPass perks.  Please do not ask for priority treatment for events, panels and other items at the show that are not listed above.

I have a medical condition.  Will the FastPass help me gain priority access when it’s needed?

The A-Kon FastPass is meant to be additive and a way for us to provide some incentive for the community to get involved with a fantastic local or national charity.  If you have a medical condition that requires special access needs, A-Kon has implemented a new program as of 2018 called A-Kon Accessible.  We will be releasing information as we get closer to the event on how to use A-Kon Accessible for those who need it.  Individuals who are using A-Kon Accessible are more than welcome to also purchase the A-Kon FastPass as a way to contribute to charity or take advantage of some of the perks that are unique to this program.

How does priority admittance work for the FastPass?

FastPass holders will be given priority VIP entry inside to select their seats. Once FastPass holders have been granted entry, staff will begin to admit general attendees, but continue to give FastPass holders priority admittance where applicable. Regardless of the possession of a FastPass, if attendees do not follow the rules set for events, such as not being in dress code for the Masquerade, they will not be allowed inside. To fully benefit from these perks, we recommend you check into the FastPass line at least 30 minutes before the event begins.

Do you have some examples of the collectible art badges I can see?

We sure do.  Here are some of the samples from previous years:

These badges are awesome.  Who did this art and can I see more?

Thanks.  We think they are awesome too.  The badges above were done by our charity artist Finni Chang.  You can check out more of her stuff on her website at http://www.finnichang.com.

My question wasn’t answered.  Who do I contact now?

That depends on the nature of the issue.  Here’s a cheat sheet: