4-Day Attendee


Next Price: $60

4-Day Child


(Ages 6-12)


Art Show Rules & Policies



Anything considered to be obscene, vulgar, discriminatory, or in poor taste will not be displayed at the discretion of A-Kon and it’s staff. All artists, representatives, and agents are required to comply with the following rules to participate.

We encourage artists and representatives to stay and hang their artwork, so that the staff is able to get to know the person behind the magic and is better able to assist customers during the show.

Dropped Off or Mailed Submissions


Table space and panel space is limited, and we highly encourage participants to reserve this space prior to the event.

We require a 10% commission, which helps us cover the 8.25% tax rate on all art sales. A-Kon will take care of remitting sales tax for all sales in the Art Show and Auction.

Additional Fees:

Pre-show Pricing:

Artists who sign up on or prior to June 23rd, 2019, will receive the following early submission pricing:

On-site Pricing:

Art Show Submission & Order Form

Artist Information

Please provide an artist name or alias if different from the above.
Please provide a link to any online presence you may have.
If you will not be onsite but would like someone to represent you in the Art Show, please list them here.

Art Show Order

Please select your order options below.
Each panel is 4' x 4' and costs $10.
Each panel is 4' x 4' and costs $10.
Each 1/2 table is 3' x 30" and costs $10.
Each table is 6' x 30" and costs $20.
Each item is $5.
There is a one-time $25 fee artists who wish to mail in submissions. Artists will be responsible for all shipping fees.
$ 0.00