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Next Price: $70

4-Day Child


(Ages 6-12)


A-Kon 31 registrations have been temporarily suspended due to the postponement of the event to 2021 and will re-open soon for the new dates.

Art Show & Art Auction

The A-Kon Art Show offers a collection of art ranging from first time locals all the way to recognized professionals and features fanart from the games and shows we all know and love to original characters and designs. Additionally, We also have artists who specialize in jewelry, textiles, mixed media, and 3D. If you’re looking for original art, limited editions, or one of a kind art directly from the artist’s hand, the A-Kon Art Show is where you can find them, bid on them, and take them home for your personal enjoyment.

If you are an artist that would like to make a submission to the A-Kon Art Show, please go here to for the rules and how to apply!


Art Show

Info for Viewers & Art Enthusiasts


Art Auction

Purchasing or Bidding on Art

If you wish to purchase art at the A-Kon Art Auction, you must obtain a bidder’s number at the Art Show desk during viewing hours prior to when the auction is scheduled to begin.
You may choose to purchase art for Quick Sale, if you don’t want to wait for auction. If you do this, you may take the art with you immediately, or leave it on display as “sold” to allow others to appreciate the artist’s work.

All sold art must be picked up no later than 1 hour before the Art Show is scheduled to close on the last day of the convention.