4-Day Attendee


Next Price: $70

4-Day Child


(Ages 6-12)


A-Kon 31 registrations have been temporarily suspended due to the postponement of the event to 2021 and will re-open soon for the new dates.


Looking to get that guest autograph or have that special something you’ve bought signed? That’s what our autograph sessions are for. All official autograph sessions usually guarantee one free autograph to each attendee. After that, it’s up to the individual guest to decide what they want to do.

A-Kon has a new Autograph Process! How does it work?

The Pre-Line up:

The autograph line up will start at 30 minutes prior to the Autograph sessions.  We will attempt to honor any agreeable fan-made lines prior to the official lineup time, but if there are multiple lines, the start and end of the line is unclear, or there are any disagreements between who lined up first we will disband all existing lines and form an official line.

Once Line Up starts:

Once the official autograph line is formed we will hand out Autograph Tokens on a first-come-first-served basis and anyone who receives a token will be guaranteed their autograph.   Those who do no receive tokens will be placed on standby in-case the guest is available for additional autographs or signing faster than anticipated.

After you receive the Autograph Token:

The Autograph Token received will be for a guest of your choice.  When it is your turn you will hand in your token to have your item signed.  Once you have received your autograph, you are welcome to return to the Autograph line to receive another token or wait on standby for another guest of your choosing.

Please note that Guest Table Assignments will change at every Autograph Session; therefore, you will not be able to use the Autograph token for a different session.

The Autograph Rules: