Charity Banquet with the Stars

Looking for a little extra time with that guest you’ve always wanted to talk to? The Charity Banquet with the Stars is what you’re looking for! Join us on Sunday for an amazing brunch buffet with fun, charity, giveaways, games, guests and more. Here are the details:

  • When: Sunday, June 9th @ 11:00am – 2:00pm
  • Where: Fort Worth Convention Center Ball Room (2nd Floor)
  • Price: $75.00
  • Giveaway Prizes: To be Announced
  • Attending Guests: To Be Announced!

Each ticket includes 2 chances to win a banquet giveaway and some cool A-Kon merchandise. A portion of the proceeds earned from the Charity Banquet with the Stars are donated directly to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

If we are not sold out, tickets will also be available for purchase at the charity table located at the door, in front of the Fort Worth Convention Center Ball Room on the 2nd Floor. We have a limited number of seats, so purchase your tickets before they are gone. Can’t wait to see you there!

Want to see what it’s all about? Check out a few of our pics from previous years!


Have questions? See if we’ve answered them below. If not, there’s an email at the bottom.

This looks cool. How do I get a ticket for the banquet?

The Charity Banquet with the Stars tickets are available for purchase when you register for A-Kon or when you purchase your membership onsite. Quantities are limited so don’t miss out!

I’ve already registered. Can I still get a ticket?

Don’t worry. If you have already pre-registered, you can add a ticket for the banquet by clicking on the link provided in your confirmation email, selecting Update Activities (bottom left) and selecting one of the banquet options and checking out again.

I’ve lost my registration confirmation email. What do I do now?

No problem. You can request it again from our registration page here. (Just scroll down and click on where it says ‘Request Registration Confirmation Email’) If you were registered as part of your group, the group the group leader will have received the confirmation email and will be able to help you add the feature.

I’m still having trouble getting my ticket, what else can I do?

If you are having trouble purchasing a banquet ticket from our registration system, please contact Registration Support at

How much does the Charity with the Starts Banquet cost?

The banquet is a full three hour event and costs $79.00.

Do you offer discounts for the Charity Banquet with the Stars?

The only way to obtain a discount on the Charity Banquet with the Stars is to purchase the A-Kon FastPass and Charity Banquet with the Stars bundle which is available from our registration portal now for $99.00. (A 17% discount off the price if each were ordered individually.)

Does my ticket purchase include access for just me or for my whole group?

Tickets to the banquet are for individuals only.  If your entire group wishes to attend, each member must have their own ticket.

What kind of prizes have you given away at the banquet in the past?

Each year we look for stuff that’s cool and that anyone would want.  In prior years we have given away game consoles, hover boards, collectible DVDs, etc.  It changes every year, but we try to make sure the giveaways are top notch.

Am I limited to just two chances to win a giveaway prize?

No.  We include two with your ticket, but you can purchase more entries for a cash donation of $1 each onsite at the event.

Did I read that right?  This is a brunch event?

Yes, you did.  This is a full brunch event where you can eat, mingle and play games with all of the attending guests.  It’s also all you can eat and one of the best breakfasts you can get in the area.

Is there alcohol at the event?

Yes, we provide Bellinis and Mimosas free of charge at the brunch.  They are served by a licensed bartender and you must be 21 years of age or older to drink at the event.

If I buy a ticket will I be guaranteed a seat at the table with the guest of my choice?

No.  Unfortunately, seating at each table is limited and therefore, we cannot promise that you’ll get to sit and eat with the guest of your choice.  However, after the first hour of the event, we break the event into an open event where you can move around, approach the guest of your choice and chose to change tables, play games and engage any of the guests in the room.

Am I allowed to ask for autographs and pictures at this event?

Yes, absolutely.  In fact, we encourage you to do so.  It’s one of the few ways to get a little extra time with a guest in a more personal way at the show.  Please note that it is always at the discretion of the guests to determine if they are willing to take pictures or sign multiple autographs.  As some guests are in high demand, please be courteous to both the guest and the other attendees who are at the event.  We feel everyone deserves to get the autograph, handshake or picture that they have been waiting for.

I’m having trouble or need help approaching a guest at the event?

No problem. We have staff everywhere at the event.  Just look for one of the staffers with a Charity Staff badge on and ask for help.  We’re more than happy to help you in any way that we can.

My question wasn’t answered.  Who do I contact now?

That depends on the nature of the issue.  Here’s a cheat sheet: