4-Day Attendee


Next Price: $70

4-Day Child


(Ages 6-12)


A-Kon 31 registrations have been temporarily suspended due to the postponement of the event to 2021 and will re-open soon for the new dates.

Props and Weapons Policy


Props, Prop Weapons and Replica Weapons used as props must be carried in a safe manner that will not endanger or alarm other convention attendees. Violation of this rule may subject the attendee to charges of disorderly conduct and/or weapons charges under Texas Penal Code Chapter 42 and Chapter 46.

Notwithstanding any other regulation or instruction; A-Kon, Inc. and their designated representatives reserve the right to disallow any prop or replica weapon at their discretion. Refusal to comply with said instruction will be cause for removal from the convention.

Attending A-Kon or any of its activities serves as notice that the attendee has read and agrees to abide by all policies and instructions as given. It is further understood that the attendee assumes all responsibility for complying with any law or legal restriction imposed by the City of Dallas, any venue or the staff of A-Kon.


Prop, Curio, Replica and Toy Firearms

Carry of Firearms with LTC

It is understood that “realistic” prop, model, curio, replica or toy firearms are subject to inspection at the discretion of A-Kon Staff or law enforcement whether or not it has been previously approved.

Props and Prop Weapons Overview

Bladed Weapons

Blunt Force Prop Weapons

Weapons Check

Weapons check stations will be situated in various locations throughout the convention space. Ask any staff member and they will direct you to the closest one. You are required to go to weapons check if your costume includes any of the mandatory items or at the discretion of First Responders, an A-Kon official or their designee.

ANY Prop or Weapon may be subjected to weapons check at the discretion of A-Kon Staff or law enforcement personnel.

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