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A-Kon 31 registrations have been temporarily suspended due to the postponement of the event to 2021 and will re-open soon for the new dates.



Volunteer Policy  |  Volunteer Staff List


Volunteer Staff List

Being a volunteer at A-Kon is also a great way to gain experience and exposure to a variety of different skills that you can apply to your resume or current work environment. We’re always looking for hard working, dedicated individuals who want to broaden their horizons, test their skills, and make a difference for the communities that they belong to. Want to learn more about the amazing teams that make A-Kon run? Read more below about the staffs that are available to request when you apply as a volunteer!

Art Show

Responsible for the display, auction, and sale of fan and original art, as well as coordinating with the artists and attendees involved.

Asset Management & Support

Responsible for on-site inventory, radios and supplies for the event. They manage check-in, check-out and replenishment of inventory, managing supply pick-up times with other teams, testing and checking item conditions, tracking quantities, support for technology, delivery of supplies for large events, plus making emergency supply runs.


Responsible for guest management, attendee flow, and line control planning for all sanctioned event autograph sessions.

Cosplay & Fashion

Responsible for managing or assisting with all cosplay and fashion programming and events. This also includes pre-event set-up, configuration, and management of tasks for related programming such as the Cosplay Contest, the Lolita Tea, and the Fashion show.

Craft Services

Responsible for coordinating and handling food provided directly by the event for volunteers and staff , not including contracted food vendors responsible for concessions or banquets.

Event Analysis

Responsible for organizing, analyzing and reporting of programming data collected by the Event Support team.

Event Support

Responsible for the setup, maintenance and on-site running of all event programming space. The Event Support team oversee the room setup, configuration, use, counts and schedule for each piece of programming during their shift. Additionally, while events are taking place this role will be responsible for the collection of analytic data.

Exhibit Hall Management – Artist Alley & Dealers

Responsible for the setup, management and maintenance of the Exhibit Hall areas housing dealers, artists and other related groups. Additionally, this team will manage the dock flow for the ingress and egress of these groups, as well as, critical vendors and suppliers to the event. This group will also be responsible for the monitoring of bootlegs and illegal use of copyrighted materials within the exhibit hall area.

Facilities Management

Responsible for handling all facilities related tasks and items. This includes working with other groups to ensure room layouts, BEOs and facilities-based contract requirements are met, maintained and operate on-site according to the event schedule.

First Responders

First Responders is a group of 5 volunteer staffs (Investigations, Medical, Safety, and Patrol) each responsible for working to ensure the safety of attendees and volunteers at the event. Friendly and helpful relations with all groups at the event are integral to the success of these teams, as a high level of trust and reliability ensures their ability to function.

First Responders – Mesocal

Responsible for providing basic first aid to attendees during the event. This group works with onsite emergency services to ensure the medical needs and medical safety of our attendees are met.

Gaming – Electronic

Responsible for the planning, maintencene, and execution of events that relate to electronic gaming, including console games, computer games, and eSports tournaments.

Gaming – Tabletop

Responsible for the planning, maintenance, and execution of events that relate to tabletop roleplaying, card, and board gaming.

Guest Services

Interview required. Responsible for the management, handling and maintenance of contracted guests for the event. This team ensures that the event fulfills all contractual obligations made to the guests and that the guests meet all of their contractual obligations to the event. Additionally, they assist the guests with schedule management, translation, transportation and similar functions.

Info Desk

Responsible for answering questions, giving directions, and helping improve overall communication with attendees during the convention

Media Production – Photos & Video

Responsible for collecting film and photographic footage of the event to be solely used for marketing materials, advertising, and archiving. They will be provided a schedule of high priority events to collect material from, as well as general convention interactions. In addition, they are responsible for processing, organizing, and delivering the data collected to the Executive team on an agreed upon schedule.

Press Team

Responsible for the coordination and management of all press outlets authorized to be on-site.

Program Services

This group is responsible for coordinating with panelists and performers, for building the programming schedule, and for working with event support so that everything runs smoothly onsite

Sales Support – Registration & Merch

Responsible for managing sales areas for the event. This includes registration, merchandise booths, dealers and artist sales, etc. This group will also be responsible for coordinating with money handling, exhibit hall management, art show and other teams to ensure sales are reported properly.

Social Media

Responsible for the management and monitoring of communications from the event across all social media platforms.

Stage Crew

Responsible for the technical setup and on-site management of major event spaces where there is advanced lighting, sound, staging, screens, etc. This group also assists in preliminary event items such as sound checks, blocking, staging and other functions required to ensure events with large technical needs are executed properly.